Why You Would Look for the Calcium Supplements

Do not take calcium supplements (of all oral presentations, whether tablet, capsule or powder to dilute) at least 72 hours before the exam.Fasting is not required, you can consume your food and medicine normally.

Contrast medium examinations should not have been performed 2 weeks before the examination (Urography, Colon Enema, and Abdominal CT with contrast, Esophagogram and upper digestive tract.

  • Except: Nuclear Medicine exams such as Bone scan, thyroid scan and PEC – PET, Magnetic Resonance with contrast).

You must attend with comfortable clothing free of hooks and metal or plastic accessories, such as zippers, belts and appliques. (For women preferably use a bra without clasps or top. For men preferably wear shorts and a T-shirt).Bring results of previous densitometries if you have them.If the patient is older than 65 years or has mobility difficulties, if possible, come with a companion. Use the iHerb Norge Promo Code  for the proper supplement results this is important.

Procedure description

This test is requested in order to obtain a result that will serve to determine, modify, adapt or correct a treatment.

The bone densitometry is a test done to diagnose osteoporosis and bone meet bone density and fracture risk assessing. Imaging of the spine and femur will be performed, if any are not interpretable at the time of the examination, the forearm will be taken. For children; Cayre has pediatric software specialized in body and bone analysis. For this, the full body and column images will be taken.

  • The vertebral morphometry is a test performed to detect fractures. The image of the spine is taken, the patient will be placed on the left side.
  • The body composition is a test which evaluates using different techniques and evaluations, the percentage of fat, muscle and water having a person on his body. For this, the whole body image will be taken.
  • Each exam (Bone Densitometry, Morphometry and Body Composition) takes approximately 15 minutes.

To carry it out, you must remove your clothes and wear a gown. Anthropometric measurements such as weight and height will be previously taken. The patient will be placed in the densitometer (equipment) lying supine (face up) and the equipment will pass his arm over the patient without touching him, the corresponding images will be taken according to the examination. Using the iHerb Italia Promo Code  for the proper medicinal purchase is important there.

Once the images are obtained, they are sent for reading by the certified reading doctor, so the results are delivered after the reading:

  • Bone densitometry Adults (over 20 years): 2 working days after taking.
  • Pediatric bone densitometry (Under 20 years old).
  • Total Body Analysis: 8 business days after taking.

For the success of the exam you must comply with the following preparation:

  • Do not take calcium supplements (of all oral presentations, whether tablet, capsule or powder to dilute) at least 72 hours before the exam.
  • The test should not be performed on pregnant or suspected women (Includes all women of childbearing age).

When using iodinated or barium media (Urography, Colon By enema, Abdominal CT with contrast, Esophagogram and upper digestive tract) should pass 2 weeks from the exposure.

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