Why Handcrafted Links Are Superior to Bot-Created Links for Your Website 

Every business values its customers. 

You wouldn’t want to disappoint your prospectsand destroy your business’s reputation with substandard services. 

Similarly, search engines don’t want to disappoint their users by taking them to unauthentic, low-quality websites. 

People use search engines to find information. Google acknowledges this. Therefore, it works to ensureit delivers only the most authentic and reliable information to its audience. 

The search engine knows people don’t look beyond the first two or three search engine results pages. Therefore, it makes sure that only credible and well-reputed websites rank there. 

How does Google measure a website’s credibility? Through backlinks. 

Search engine bots scan your website to determine the quantity and quality of backlinks your website has. If your website has sufficient high-quality backlinks, it earns the green signal and has a better chance of ranking higher. 

On the contrary, if your website’s backlink profile brims with low-quality links, it won’t be able to win the search engine’s trust. Moreover, such links may even chip at whatever reputation your website already has. 

What determines the quality of backlinks? 

The authority and credibility of the website a link originates from determines its quality. If a link comes from a well-reputed webpage, it is deemed a high-quality backlink and vice versa.

Getting links from reliable websites, however, is time-consuming. Moreover, it demands genuine effort.This is why many inexpensive companies offering consulting in internet marketing and SEO services turn to automated backlinking. 

Deploying bots for building links speeds up the process and eliminates much of the hard work. However, these bots place your website’s links on unreliable websites. And so, the results this approach generates threaten to destroy your website’s reputation instead of building it. 

This is why manual link building, though time-consuming, may prove much more valuable in the long run. 

Not sure why? 

Landau Consulting, a NJ SEO consulting company, has shared why manual link building beats automated link building in this infographic. Check it out to discover the disastrous downsides of bot-created links.



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