What Is The Significance Of A Lily?

With the characteristic shape of trumpet petals, lilies are often the most common and favorite type of flower among flower lovers. Comes in beautiful white, yellow, red, and orange colors, this flower is often used as a symbol of devotion and love at weddings. Lilies are summer plants. Based on the history of its distribution, this flower originally grew throughout the West Asian region to the Mediterranean and became an ornamental plant in every home. Then the liliums in the area are cultivated on agricultural land. Although originally known as a summer plant, they are a group of herbs that do best in cold environments. The height of the area most suitable for this flower’s growth is between 1,000 and 1,200 meters above sea level.

The beauty of this flower has a lot of significance from various points of view. As we know, the flowers that are often used at weddings have a wide variety of beautiful colors. From white to red, they emit different auras in their respective colors. Likewise, with the significance implied there, White Lilium has the meaning of purity, nobility, sincerity, friendship, and devotion. This color is also commonly used to express new life. Therefore they are often used as wedding decorations to symbolize a new life as a husband and wife.

Apart from that, they have significance as genuine feelings of love. So they are often present at special moments, such as Valentine’s Day or anniversary celebrations. Because it depicts sincere love and a new life, the bride usually chooses white flowers to be used as a hand lily bouquet.

Psychologically, yellow often means that it gives the impression and feelings of happiness for the lover. However, if in excessive amounts, it can also give a sense of depression. This, too, is not far from the significance of the yellow Lilium. This flower is often described as a symbol of happy feelings. However, sometimes they are also interpreted as bad things like lies and lies. This color also represents friendship. Therefore, they are often used as a gift for a friend on their birthday and graduation.

Then, the red one is known as a symbol of abundant prosperity and wealth. As said in psychology, red is always symbolized as a source of strength, passion, and great energy. That is what underlies the connotation of the red Lilium as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Because strength, passion, as well as great energy, describes abundant prosperity and wealth. The red color also always accentuates the impression of luxury. Therefore they are often used as wedding decorations to make the wedding hall look luxurious.

The orange lily is known as a symbol of hatred, arrogance, and humiliation. This is in stark contrast to the philosophy of the color orange, which can provide enthusiasm, optimism, and high self-confidence. However, if the orange color is too dominant or too much, it is interpreted negatively. Therefore, you should avoid using orange lilies or it can be used in small amounts. Therefore, make sure that the right flowers represent your feelings when you want to give them to your loved ones. You can buy Liliums of the highest quality and service on floweradvisor sg.

Apart from their color, they also have spiritual significance. In ancient Greek weddings, the bride wore a crown of lilies and wheat which symbolizes purity and fortune. Greek belief says that the lily has significance as birth, and it is a symbol of motherhood because the flower is said to be made from Hera’s milk. According to ancient Greek myth, they were created when the god Zeus fell in love with an Earth woman named Alceme and gave birth to a son who was named Hercules. The god Zeus wanted his son to become a complete god. Therefore Hercules was taken to heaven to be breastfed by Hera, Zeus’ wife.

Zeus thought his wife wouldn’t want to breastfeed Hercules. So Hera was sedated to sleep. When Hera fell asleep, Hercules was placed under Hera’s breast, without realizing that Hera was breastfeeding Hercules. As a result of the draining effect, Hera woke up from her sleep and was shocked and accidentally threw Hercules. It causes the milk to gush up into the heavens and the earth. So that the milk that spurted into the sky turned into a star called the Milky Way Galaxy, while the one that spurted to earth turned into a lily and made it the first to grow on earth.

In Chinese culture, lilies are symbols of good luck charm. Towards the Chinese New Year, traders used to sell cut lilies. Apart from the merchant who sold the lily, it was common for people to plant lilies in their houses. When the lilies have grown, all they have to do is move them into vases and immediately make them into beautiful home decorations. Lilies are often gifted to women on their birthdays or wedding days because the flower symbolizes the boy-bearer. Traditionally, Chinese culture prefers boys in the family who are considered a successor to the family business. But even so, that value changes with the generations.

Meanwhile, Buddhists and Hindus believe that tiger lilies symbolize compassion. Meanwhile, water lilies and lotuses have the meaning of purity and enlightenment. In the Victorian Era, they were believed to have a Victorian significance regarding love and passion for lovers, especially the orange Lilium flower, which means happiness and warmth. It is inversely proportional to the general understanding of the orange lily, which means hatred, lies, arrogance, and humiliation. Later in European folklore, the Liliums growing in the valley were believed to be the garden’s protectors from evil spirits. Plant protection fairies are believed to live in these trumpet-shaped flowers.

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