Gestures of Love to Practice Every Day

Love is comprehended in all languages; it is talked through symbols, signs, gestures, and most importantly, presents. Love is a two-way street; you desire consent and involvement of the person you adore before you can call them your own. It is a race with obstacles, fights but lined with flowers of love and foreverness. The colour of love, red has been a symbol, a memento since ancient times and has been expressed under the shade of the colour. Everyone has their versions of love and do their best to prove it to their soulmate, but there is one definite strike that won’t miss. Looking for on-point ways to propose, express, apologise or thank your loved one find below a few gesture-full, expense-less ideas.

  • Flowers for the lady

As said the colour of love red and what

better to say with red except for red flowers. She will melt; you can see it in her eyes. If you think your girl is big on aesthetic and thoughtful gestures, you can really pave your way to your heart with even a single flower if not a box. But how she understands that it’s not about the flowers but the love, you too take care it’s about low key extravagance, so she falls in love with that instant.

  • Chocolates everyday

Every time you meet her don’t buy her an expensive gift, while she may like that it would never build a strong on the ground bond between you too. On the other hand, a cube of chocolate shared by you two will plough the seed of love in the very moment as you stare in each other’s eyes and share a word or two complementing each other and telling them how thankful you are.

  • A peck of the cheek

You will never know, but a light kiss on the cheek is more meaningful than any other gesture. Tell your beloved how beautiful they are outside but also in their heart. The shy and warm look that they will return is what will tell you it has been well accepted. You can’t see but feel their heart racing their eyes flickering their toes above the ground. Love is not about intense speak ups but little gestures.

  • Hold hands, quite often

When you are in love, nothing should come in your way when it’s about standing for them and showing how they are the most meaningful and important part of their soul and their life. Hold each other’s hand while crossing the road taking a stroll in the park buying food. It’s the touch of skin that reached the heart, and you won’t even know when it won’t be a deed but a habit forever.

  • Never go to bed fighting

Whatever it is that is building a grudge, always sort it out before you go to bed. The thought of quarrel overnight wouldn’t let you sleep anyway why not make it right. It’s who you love that’s crying in their bed. Love doesn’t fade away with one fight but does start to faint when these overdue fights are not resolved. When you know, you should make it happen; you owe it to your loved one.

Reading this has surely made you think of your loved one, these gifts cum gestures can wait, but a phone call this instant is possible and mandatory. Don’t ruin your surprise though; the new chapter is about to begin.

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