Selection of Intelligent Speaker

In modern life, more and more people hope to have better music to accompany them after work. However, good music needs a speaker that meets the sound quality to play. However, there are thousands of good speakers. Moreover, the real high-quality speaker is not small and takes up more space in the family.

If there is a small speaker with good sound quality, it will be more in line with the needs of most people. Both HUAWEI and HONOR have Mini speakers. HONOR’s can be purchased at the HONOR Mini Speaker official store in UK. HUAWEI’s can also be purchased through the official website. Let’s talk about HUAWEI’s Mini speaker.

Let’s talk about packaging first. At the bottom of the front of the product package, the three features are marked respectively. They are small size with loud volume, double combination stereo, high quality bass.

The product features and specifications are described in detail on the back of the package. One of them is worth paying attention to. It can support the pairing and combination of two speakers to realize surround sound. This increases the expansibility of the speakers.

There is a separate space for the speaker inside the package, i.e. Transparent plastic mold is used to fix it to prevent shaking and collision during transportation. When we open the box, we can see that it is divided into two layers. The product description documents are placed on the first layer. The other layer is the speaker, hanging rope and data cable. A small handle is designed at the edge of the plastic mold layer. It can pull out the mold and is more humanized.

The hanging rope is of good quality. Moreover, the overall quality of this speaker is really very light. It is only 100.7 g. It is small. The cylinder is designed with a diameter of only 50 mm and a height of 56.3 mm. Holding it in your hand can help you know quality.

The center of the bottom is designed with a bass diaphragm. It makes the speaker produce subwoofer effect. Moreover, in order to release this bass effect, soft suspended contact feet are designed at the bottom. When the speaker is placed (about 2 mm clearance from the ground can be maintained), bass can be transmitted from the three clearance. Three soft touch feet can make the speaker vibrate with the music during playing.

It depends on the actual sound quality. This Mini speaker is indeed small and loud as stated on the package. The stereo sound of a single speaker is strong. In particular, the design of the bottom bass diaphragm makes the subwoofer effect obvious.

In the process of use, you need to press the key for several seconds to turn on or off the speaker. At the same time of opening or closing, the speaker will have a short tone. When the Bluetooth device is not connected, the speaker indicator will flash blue. When the Bluetooth connection is successful, it will turn blue for a long time. If there is a shortage of electricity, the blue light and the red light will flash alternately. During the charging process, the indicator light changes to a red light. It changes to a blue light when it is fully charged.

In the process of playing music, you can feel it close to the top and bottom with your ears. You can hear that the two have different sound effects. The sound at the top is sharper and the sound at the bottom is lower. However, if the speaker is put aside, the sound effects of the two can be integrated to form stereo sound. This is a dexterous small steel cannon. This is all due to its dexterous internal design.

Through the above introduction, we found that it is very important to choose a good Mini speaker. It can bring a lot of small surprises and conveniences to life. I hope everyone can buy a Mini speaker suitable for themselves.

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