Creatine and Other Natural Elements Now Easily Purchasable

They are to be used during training in order to speed up your recovery while drawing as little as possible from your energy reserves. Very simply, the less you empty your reserves, the less time it will take to refill them.

The powdered carbohydrates are used on average at a height of 5 to 10 g per ten kg of body weight during the session and diluted in water with your Ultra Omega (if you take it) between 40 and 80 g if you weigh 80 kg.

Example of powdered carbohydrates

How to take creatine?

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Myths and Realities article, you should:

More seriously, creatine is the supplement that has been the most talked about in recent years and it only emerges from the positive: muscle gain, strength, fat loss, brain oxygenation.

Do not take it alone before training because it is hypoglycemic. This is why taking it with a meal is preferable. It is not useful to make cures with phases of loads as the sellers wanted to impose it on us for years, it is possible to take it all the year and those without negative effect, only positive!

So, ideally, you can take 1 g of creatine monohydrate over 4 or 5 meals or 2 g over two meals if you do not want to burden yourself with taken with each meal. We are more adept at the capsule or capsule versions for the practical side, even if it is more expensive because it is very difficult to dose with as much precision when the creatine is in powder. With the use of the iHerb code now you can make the online purchase of the creatine.

How to take your gainer?

Gainers are usually disparaged in the world of bodybuilding. They are accused, wrongly, of making fat because they are most often very badly used.

The gainer is reserved for people having trouble eating enough to gain weight and / or wanting to make their life easier by ingesting calories in liquid form (transportable). This can be very interesting, for example, to make snacks between meals in mass gain.

It is therefore not a question of taking a gainer when one is already “fat”, it is a supplement intended to help those who need it. A good gainer is a gainer that contains carbohydrates with a low glycemic index like oatmeal powder, palatinose. Some contain only maltodextrin and dextrose and are therefore to be avoided since as we have seen in powdered carbohydrates, these are carbohydrates to be used preferentially during training.

It should also contain good sources of protein such as whey protein and micellar casein or total milk protein.

Finally, the right ratio of protein and carbohydrates for a gainer is between 20 and 35 g of protein and 60 to 70 g of carbohydrates per 100 g. make use of the iHerb discount code hk for using it.

The gainer is used:

  • As a snack between your meals if they are spaced more than 5 hours apart
  • In addition to your meals if you cannot eat enough calories
  • Diluted in water to maintain good digestibility

The doses of gainer should not be too large at the beginning of its introduction into your diet but correspond to an additional intake of 300 to 400 kcal or 100 g of gainer per day divided for example into two doses of 50 g if you make two snacks per day. These doses will increase or decrease depending on your weight gain.


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