Are you Interested to Know How e-cig Works? Read Here

Have you been wondering on how the electronic cigars work? If this has been your concern, then you need to rest assured that you will be able to get the right information on the mechanism in which these articles are working. This article shall therefore highlight a number of reasons why this cigar is different from the other traditional cigars. To begin with, it is important to note that the traditional cigar was only made from the simplest technology. Only the dry tobacco was wrapped on the paper so that it is lit to burn for the smoke that contains the nicotine to be produced. Nicotine being a stimulant, then you can expect the drug to enter your system and get intoxicated. Just like the traditional cigar, the modern cigar that is commonly known as the e-cig has a number of similarities that it shares with the traditional one. As far as the differences of these two types of cigars are concerned, this article shall highlight a number of components that are making the electronic cigar so different from the traditional one. The following are some of the components that do make the e-cigar so different from the traditional ones;

  • E-liquid
  • Heater
  • Sensor


This is a special liquid that is extracted from a raw liquid from tobacco. It is then kept in the reservoir so that it can be heated whenever a smoker wants to vape. For this reason, the level of this liquid ought to be kept at a given level. Refilling therefore of the tobacco liquid is necessary. If the device is heated and the liquid is not enough or the reservoir is completely empty, then the device may be able to develop a mechanical problem. This is the reason why you therefore need to check the level from time to time especially when you are about to vape. This is a feature that makes an e-cig so different from the traditional cigars.


This is an element whose responsibility is to heat up the liquid tobacco. It is actually powered by the lithium battery that is fitted in the device. Before you start the vaping process, it is pretty good for you to check whether the battery is fully charged. This is because the heater is depended on the battery for it to be able to boil and vaporize the liquid so as the vapor or steam can be produced. As means of taking care of the e-cig, you are supposed to make sure that the battery is in a position to support your entire vaping.


The sensor is fitted in the mouthpiece and its role is to detect the time when you need to vape. It therefore triggers the whole process of heating so as the liquid can be heated and be able to produce vapor or steam. It is the steam that ought to be inhaled as it contains some traces of nicotine that is a stimulant. This is what makes the e-cig different from traditional cig.

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