All you need to know about a Mobile Net Banking App

Technology has revolutionised every sector, including banking. Digital banking is the heart of everything we do today, as it allows us to access banking services through our mobiles. You can do everything you want using an online mobile net banking app, from opening an online bank account to availing loans. It also has other benefits, with some of them discussed in detail below.

What is a mobile net banking app?

A mobile net banking app is a digital service offered by banks. It allows the account holders to use the full suite of banking services using a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Every bank offers a unique mobile app to its account holders, helping them conveniently apply for loans, transfer money, and analyse their account statements. IDFC FIRST Bank also offers a dedicated online banking app to users who have completed their bank registration.

What are the benefits of using a net banking app?

The benefits of using a mobile banking app are:

  1. Mobile banking is available 24×7. This feature helps you transfer money any time and apply for loans whenever you need them.
  2. Mobile banking apps use artificial intelligence (AI) to customise your experience and better understand your needs.
  3. Usability is another striking feature of mobile banking apps. They are easy to understand and can be used by anyone to transfer money.
  4. Besides helping customers transfer money and apply for loans, mobile banking apps also help with investments. You can open a term deposit, invest in mutual funds and IPOs (Initial Public Offerings), and manage your Demat account using your mobile banking app.
  5. Bill payments are easier with mobile banking apps. With ease, you can make utility bill payments, mobile phone recharges, prepaid mobile payment services, and DTH recharges. Using mobile banking apps to pay your bills can earn rewards as well.

Shopping through mobile banking apps can earn significant rewards. You can earn cashback and coupons by shopping through your bank’s mobile app.

How to register for a mobile banking app?

You can register for a mobile banking app in three different ways. Here’s a quick guide to understanding all three processes:

  • Via your mobile app
  • Download the mobile internet banking app offered by your bank through the Play Store or App Store.
  • Enter your registered mobile number with the bank. You can alternatively also use your net banking ID and password.
  • Create an MPIN to activate the mobile banking app. MPIN is a secure password that you must enter to open the banking app.
  • Enter the MPIN you created to begin using the mobile banking app.

  • By visiting your bank

Certain banks have a different approach for registering for mobile banking. They demand account holders fill up a registration form for mobile banking. Certain documents are also needed with the filled application form.

  • Using your ATM card
  • Visit your bank’s nearest ATM
  • Select ‘Mobile Registration’ on the ATM screen.
  • Select ‘Mobile Banking Registration’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Verify your registered mobile number and complete the registration process. 

Mobile banking is a valuable service that saves time and effort. With a single click, you can transfer money, apply for loans, buy health insurance, and invest in mutual funds.

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