Where to Find the Best Vietnamese Food in Atlanta

Vietnamese food is the ultimate comfort food in the world.  Perfectly cooked and seasoned meat, delicious savory soups, crunchy sides, and as many greens as you can fit on a plate make it the ultimate cuisine.  

If any city knows comfort food by heart: it’s Atlanta.

If you’re in the city and you want to get a bite of the most comforting Vietnamese food you’ll ever try, it’s time to check out some of these restaurants!

So Ba Vietnamese Restaurant

So Ba offers great classic Vietnamese fare like rice vermicelli, pho, and broken-rice dishes in a family-style environment.  The quality control here ensures that every bite you take is the best you’ve ever had.  Fans of this restaurant drive in for hours to get the com bo luc lac and their pho ga.  Not only are the dishes well done, but they’re well portioned, so you’ll never leave still hungry. 

Lady Ha

Although this is the most expensive restaurant on this list, Lady Ha’s food is worth the price!  Better than any Viet food you can find outside of the city, you’ll fall in love with the classic and new age dishes and the perfect balance of heat, sweet, savory, and spunky flavors.  The fresh ingredients and attention to detail here are hard to overlook. 

Pho Dai Viet Restaurant

The best way to regain your energy from looking at Atlanta houses for sale is to stop in at Pho Dai Viet Restaurant!  This is the highest-rated restaurant in the city, with 4.9 stars out of five coming from over 400 reviews.  This delicious restaurant offers everything from banh mi to pho and doesn’t waste time serving it up hot.

Although the restaurant itself is very minimalist in decor, it’s maximalist in flavor! 

Dua Vietnamese Noodle Soup

If you want to feel like you’ve walked into a Vietnamese grandma’s kitchen, this is the place to eat.  Every dish tastes like love is in it, with a home-cooked flavor that’s been elevated with the best ingredients that can be found.

This serves everything from pho to lemongrass tofu and gets dishes out fast the moment you order.  There’s indoor and outdoor seating so everyone can be comfortable and enjoy a plate full of heart.

Anh’s Kitchen

Another slightly pricey option, Anh’s kitchen, brings a lot of flavor to every dish.  The service is incredible, with staff that is quick to match your needs and guide you toward the perfect dishes for your meals.  Many love the huge portion sizes and the fact that this place delivers, so you don’t have to leave your home to eat the best food possible.  Anh’s Kitchen is locally award-winning but should be more appreciated on a national scale!  There’s nothing else that combines this amount of presentation and flavor in the same location.

Atlanta’s Vietnamese Food is the Best!

Atlanta knows how to comfort you and make you feel at home.  Whether you end up in Anh’s Kitchen or Lady Ha’s dining room, you’ll be welcomed with the best food you’ve ever tried.  

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