A story of a dissatisfied woman – Anaganaga o Athidhi

The second phase of the coronavirus has been even more dangerous than the first one. In this situation, people are asked to stay home to keep themselves safe from the virus. Staying at home can be boring at times. When you face a lack of entertainment in your life, it lowers your energy to work. Keeping yourselves entertained by something or other will help you survive in this critical situation. Joy helps to freshen our minds and prevent us from mental stress. A great stress reliever these days are the OTT platforms. The OTT platforms are a great source of entertainment for people these days. Such an OTT platform is Aha.

The Tollywood industry has been popular among the people for the variety of movies it produces every year. Ranging from action to comedy, it provides all kinds of films to its viewers. The thriller movies of this industry are famous worldwide for their unique content and ideas. Such a thriller movie with amazing creativity is Anaganaga O Athidhi. Also,You can check for Telugu thriller movies online.

Anaganaga o Athidhi was released on 20th November 2020. DayalPadmanabhan has directed this film. Also, KaasiNadimpally is the writer of this film. Arrol Corelli has directed the parts of the music in this film. Also, Raja Ramamurthy, Chidambaram Natesan are the producers of this film. Rakesh B has shown his fantastic cinematography skills in the movie. The cast of the film includes Paayal Rajput as Mallikaand Chaitanya Krishna as Seenu. The film is a remake of a Kannada film named Aa KaraalaRatri. The film is known for conveying messages that leave a significant impact on society. It has successfully been able to show the common problems faced by people these days.

The story of the film revolves around poverty. It talks about a family where a guest arrives one day. The guest was a boy who travelled from one place to another. The boy tries to help the family with some money which he had. But, a girl in the family plans his murder to take all his money. The movie shows some twists and turns that leave its viewer in shock. To know what happened in the film, watch the whole film available on the Aha channel.

Aha has been the most popular during the lockdown period. It has a vast collection of Telugu movies that keep the viewers engaged. In 2020, the app was launched. Since then, it has been supporting the Telugu film industry by releasing its films on its channel. When all the theatres were closed in the pandemic, the Aha OTT platform became a relief for the viewers. They can download their favourite movies and watch them offline. Also, the app provides HD quality video and audio that makes the viewer feel no less than a theatre. Watch Anaganaga O Athidhi movie online in the Aha app. To watch movies online on aha. Subscribe to the channel now to stay tuned with the latest updates of Telugu movies and web series.

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