Su Moon Entertainment in Brooklyn, New York 

Su Moon Entertainment was formed to represent a specific entertainer. With offices in New York and California, it is an entertainment and talent management company.

The Company Manager will help manage and grow the business. After researching adequate resources, strategies will be developed to promote goal attainment. Assuring that Su Moon employees are working towards the company’s vision is the Company Manager’s main responsibility. They may also report and represent the company at meetings, events, and conferences.

They will help the company manager schedule acts and conduct market research. The Talent Manager will also be responsible for payroll and staff training.

Su Moon Entertainment’s main website will host a slew of independent press releases highlighting new releases and job opportunities. A callback option will be available for potential clients. This page will also include links to articles from magazines, blogs, and journals that have been published.

Visit Su Moon Entertainment’s official website for more.


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