5 Steps to Take Before and After Getting Acne Facial Treatments

If you have the same skin as me, you may have fought against acne breakouts for most of your life. I struggled with controlling my acne and tried various products to clear my acne. An acne facial may be beneficial if you have active breakouts or congested skin that needs a deep, purifying wash. It has helped me control my acne and keep my acne breakout to a minimum. However, I took some precautions to ensure not to irritate my skin or contradict the effects of the treatments. Here are five steps you should take before and after getting an acne treatment at a Singapore clinic.

#1 Keep Your Skin Care Routine Mild

Stay away from substances like AHAs, BHAs and retinoids a few days before and after your acne facial. It is due to the exfoliants they use to cleanse your skin thoroughly. The aesthetician said to only use gentle, creamy cleansers, humectant serums, and nourishing emollient creams. Barrier-supporting elements such as ceramides, colloidal oat, and aloe are the best friends for your skin as it heals after the facial.

#2 May Require Multiple Sessions

They might not remove all the muck from your skin and pass over a particularly angry or deep blemish. My aesthetician did not remove everything at my first appointment. Professionals encourage booking multiple acne treatment appointments at Singapore clinics to acquire the optimum effect.

#3 Skin Down Time

Clearing my blocked pores was not the most relaxing experience. My skin was red and painful a few days after treatment. I also experienced mild irritation where the muck was lodged deeper into my pores. Hence, an acne facial may not be the best option the day before a big occasion. If you want to get one, book your appointment at least a few days before an event or opt for a HydraFacial.

#4 See a Dermatologist for More Severe Acne

Your aesthetician cannot treat cystic acne. There is a much more complicated reason for your skin to break out if you have this severe, highly inflammatory acne. Instead, consult a dermatologist first since you may require medical-grade facial treatment from dermatological clinics around Singapore.

#5 Maintain a Skin Routine

An acne facial can be transformational for many people. It was for me. However, they are not a cure-all. You will see increasing results with each appointment and by adopting adequate at-home care in between treatments to assist in attaining smoother skin. Moreover, holistic lifestyle elements influence the health of your skin. My aesthetician told me that my food and drinking habits also impact my skin health. Hence, drink lots of water and adopt healthier eating habits for healthier skin.

A purifying acne facial at your favourite Singapore aesthetic clinic may be appropriate if you require thorough cleaning and extractions. However, this treatment cannot help if your primary issue is dryness or fine wrinkles. The Indulgence Beauty clinic offers clients excellent extraction, acne and oxygen facial treatments for delicate skin. Anyone interested in their individualised treatments and services will find them calming and pleasurable. Learn more about the clinic, its services, and its facial promotion offers by visiting its website.

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