Why Select Trade License Zone for Any Business License?

There are numerous questions that arise when someone wants to set-up their business overseas. Which legal documents and licenses are required? How to set-up the office? Even if that is done, how to move forward? If you want to start a new venture in the UAE and are confused about every detail, do not stress out as ‘Trade License Zone’ will assist you in every way possible.

With more and more companies launching in the UAE, the growth and development of the country is very prosperous. UAE offers excellent facilities which make it one of the leading nations in business prospects across the world. Trade License Zone helps all future entrepreneurs to develop their businesses here with ease. We make sure all your process from licensing to launching to maintaining it happens hassle-free. Our expert team will help you with every step of constructing your company. Be it searching for an office space or filing annual returns for your company. We offer a variety of fully customized services, which are of significant benefits for you.

TLZ Office:

Setting up an office is an enormous task, especially when you do not have an idea about the various spaces available and which is the best suited for your company. We help you by finding the right space for your business, a fully or semi-furnished office, business lounge, etc. You have to just give your required facilities and we will ensure that you have everything.

TLZ Address:

Your company’s address holds an essential value in it as it gives out a message to your customers as well as competitors. Instead of a physical address, we present you with a virtual address that can make your impression instantly.

TLZ Receptionist

While focusing on your business work, receiving calls now and then will distract you from the main work. We came up with a professional and formal answering machine which will give you all the messages that arrive from various people who call you.

TLZ Tax & Accounting

We handle all your accounting needs and present you with a proper arrangement of it and necessary filings which are required. From the first entry to the auditing procedure, we cover everything.

TLZ Advisory

Our highly skilled experts have years of experience in building wealth for different clients. They will assure your business grows exponentially and also will give advice on any other field if required.

TLZ Travel

Business owners travel frequently to other countries and come back. We assist you in issuing your travel visa or any type of visa as quickly as possible with affordable rates.

TLZ Start-up Partners

We know that new businesses have to look around for many things before officially inaugurating it. Our company offers you with a wide variety of suppliers available that will help you in different needs.

TLZ Agency

Every business needs to excel further in their industry. Good marketing and public relations is of utmost importance for it and that is why we provide you with a team of outstanding people who will assist you in this.

TLZ E-Commerce

With the e-commerce network building rapidly all over the world, to operate in requires some factors to keep in mind. The licensing, domain name, etc. We help you with every element that is required to start your e-commerce business in UAE today.


Trade License zone is helping all the categories that is mentioned above. So if you are also in a planning to start your own venture, connect with us for a satisfactory result.

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