Why People Are Obsessed About Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster is one of the most exotic interior decorating materials that people are obsessed about in the modern era. From ceiling boards to blinds like ship venetian blinds and plaster, the list is exhaustive where venetian style and products are concerned. Many people have invested in Venetian plaster while renovating their house and it is very much recommended for commercial as well as residential sectors.

What Venetian plaster is and how is it being applied

Venetian plaster is the mixture of gypsum and sand and limestone. All of these three things make a mixture which is perfect for its consistency. Venetian plaster is being applied with the help of a spatula or trowel. At the beginning there was something coats and after that it is being built in layer by layer. You can visit this site to know the techniques of the Venetian plaster in details.

Sometimes only gypsum and sand is used for Venetian plaster. You just have to get the mixture right in order to you do it as if you do not make it right then the whole thing will collapse. This is a very delicate kind of decoration so you have to be very specific about the proportions of the items.

Why is it so popular?

A bit of investment invention plaster can make your house look really beautiful and it is very durable at the same time. Not only will this increase the beautification of your house but it will look very unique and the best part is you can customise it the way you want.

There are various different colours and finishes under this particular category of polished plaster and you can choose any of it according to your necessity or requirement. You can make the house look traditional or you can make it modern just by changing the different patterns of the Venetian plaster. Know more about different methods of applying Venetian plaster.

Different applications

Right fromcurved panelling to columns and walls, this method is applicable for so many other different varieties. You can apply it in different surfaces like concrete or wooden wall and it will stick to it for good. It events it’s pretty well on the bricks and previously dried plaster lines surfaces.

The customization

The main attraction of the Venetian plaster lies in the fact that you can customise it in however possible. It creates an artificial shimmering effect on the walls which makes it very pretty. You know more about this unique method of decorating your house interior you have to drop by here.

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