Why Is Biking So Popular Today

The Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped the community in many ways – how we live our daily lives, our routines, where we spend our time, everything. While essential travel was allowed during all phases of the lockdown, many people found themselves stuck inside their homes. Due to the drastic shift in work commuting and travel, the number of cars on the main roads plummeted and an increasing number of people turned to walking and biking. Some use it for transportation with roads less congested and bikes being able to move more safely and quickly through streets. Others used these methods as a form of exercise and a way to get outside into the fresh air.

The shift has brought some very visible changes to the country and the world as a whole: air pollution that has always been an issue – dropped by up to 60% globally, and those cities like Los Angeles that used to be covered with a thick smog are now experiencing their first blue skies in a long time. Bicycles have been everyone’s best friend recently – whether they are going to the pharmacy or getting some groceries.

In line with that, people were no longer able to engage in normal exercise behavoir like going to the gym or participating in group exercise classes. In response, many individuals took up outdoor activities looking to stay healthy – both physically and mentally.  Getting out for a bike ride is a great way to boost your mental and physical health, strengthen your immune system, experience a sense of freedom that you can’t feel when you are stuck at home. We’re also pretty sure getting out and biking will put a big smile on your face.

All over the world, during lockdown, old, rusty bikes were dusted off in garages. The sale of new and trendy bikes surge around the world. It’s no wonder that biking has become so popular these days. It seems as though the year 2020 started a real bike boom.

While the pandemic may have started a revolution of sorts, as thing begin to open back up we think biking is a trend that’s here to stay. People now use them to commute, for exercise instead of going to gyms, and to get some fresh air. This is really an industry that was already thriving before the pandemic but has experienced a sudden acceleration.

As the virus outbreak continues to develop and alter the way we work and interact with our friends, family and coworkers, it is really our hope that you’ll continue to get out and ride your bike. We just encourage you to do so safely and with your fellow outdoor enthusiasts and commuters in mind.

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