What to Consider before Joining Art Competitions

Are you interested in winning the art contest? Never enter the first competition you find. Some are meant for professionals while others are for amateurs. Separating the contestants based on their level is crucial to boost fairness because amateurs cannot win against experts. Hence, every contestant must know how to choose a suitable contest. Listed are factors to consider before joining the art competition. 

Competition Level 

While reading the contest’s requirements, check its competition level. Organizers are aware both the amateurs and professionals desire to compete. However, they cannot allow both in the same contest. The amateurs will never win the top prize in free art competitions. That is because their skill and knowledge is limited. Look for events suitable for your professional level. 


Some organizers will want participants to create artworks for a certain theme. Any submitted artwork that doesn’t reflect that theme will be disqualified. In this case, check if you love the theme or not. It’s advisable to avoid contests whose theme you dislike.  That is because it will limit your creativity. Hence, you will not create an exceptional artwork. 


When searching for the perfect free art contests, check the instructions given by organizers. To have a winning chance, stick to every guideline. If the rules seem to limit your competence and creativity, avoid the contest. Taking part in it will cause you to doubt your unique artistic abilities. You can opt to take part in contests that allow participants to create artworks of their choice. 


The best way to rate the contests is by checking their reputation. It takes a long term for an art competition to be reputable. First, it must be trusted by the contestants. Without them, the event will lack artworks to display to its audience. That will culminate in its collapse. Contests with a decent reputation are the best choice. After winning them, you will have clout in the industry. 

Judges’ Qualifications 

The judges will check the submitted entry, draft recommendations and pick the winner. They can also write feedback for the contestants. Thus, their responsibilities are vital for the entire contest. Thus, they must be qualified for this work. The best free art competitions have highly reputable judges. These experts have an admirable career in the art industry. Hence, their decisions will be respected. 

Entry Charges 

Are you willing to join the paid contest? Consider their entry charges. Such competitions motivate participants to win. That will allow them to gain from them. However, the entry fees differ based on each event. Some are expensive compared to others. Thus, before joining, consider your budget. Make sure you enroll in a contest whose fees are affordable. 


Competitions lacking restrictions attract people with various ages. You will find students and adults competing for the same prize. That explains why organizers can set the age for contestants. That will prevent such unfairness. Hence, always check the age of contestants before joining the free art contests. Any participant that is above or below the set age will be disqualified. 

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