What Is The Job Of A Civil Engineer

The structural engineering in Hull is everywhere; it is even as old as man himself, is a science that emerged to meet the needs of development and protection as the creation of housing, roads and different establishments.

A civil engineer is a professional capable of planning, designing, organizing, developing and constructing civil works to improve the standard of living and economic and social well-being sustained in the conservation of the environment.

What Does A Civil Engineer Do

He participates in the construction of works, from planning, design and organization to project supervision; for this, he designs structures and calculations based on the resistance of the materials to be used. He can solve problems through the application of mathematical knowledge and basic science.

Prepare plans (by computer or paper drawing) that become the basis of projects such as buildings, bridges, houses, dams, roads or any other type of construction in which it also selects and manages information and control systems for the administration of plays.

You can hold positions such as construction manager, works inspector, public services consultant, quality control laboratory, urban or rural designer, master builder, a researcher in the construction industry, among others.

Where Do They Work

In the private sector, they can work in offices of engineers, architects and construction companies that are in charge of the design, administration and construction of all types of works, or in any company that needs construction services; they can even set up their own construction house where they also provide consultancy.

As for the public sector, the work could be in government agencies related to the design, construction and regulation of buildings, such as the Public Works Commission, Communications and Transport Secretariats, City Councils, Federal Electricity Commission, etc.

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