What is a pallet?

A pallet is assistance or system for boards to pile the load. They are stiff frameworks on which the products are distributed, positioned in a uniform method at height and on the pallet surface. The pallets, also consequently the weights, will be transferred from one side of the racking or the storehouse to the various other through pallet vehicles or forklifts.

Sorts of pallet

There is various sort of pallets in Poole, depending on their make-up, their dimension, and so on. We list below the primary existing pallets and their features.

Pallets according to their measurements:

  • Europallet:

It supports whose measurements are 1200×800 mm. It is presently the most extensive in Europe. These types of pallets are regulated by EPAL or European Pallet Association, and as its site suggests, “around 500 million are presently inflow”.

In addition, it is amongst the types of pallets standardized by ISO, or the International Organization for Standardization. European industry as well as logistics, therefore, make use of the europallet as the major support to assist in the flow of products and their grouping in the transportation as well as storage procedure.

The dimensions of the europallet are established by the size of the vehicle wagons, trailers as well as containers, which are generally 2400 mm, which allows them to be positioned in a manner that makes the most of the load space.

  • American pallet:


The dimensions of the American pallet are 1200×1000 mm as well as it is extensively made use of in Japanese and American logistics. It is additionally called an isopallet or global pallet.

  • Other pallet dimensions:


The ISO recognizes a further 4 standard dimensions in addition to those indicated for the American pallet and europallet which are as complies with: 1016x1219mm, 1067x1067mm, 1165x1165mm, as well as 1100x1100mm. These types of pallets are used less commonly than the American pallet or europallet.

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