What Are the Advantages of Streaming? 

It is always interesting to look back in time and see how far we have come as a result of developing technology. Without a doubt, human success can be measured by the level of technology we currently have, which is likely why virtually all periods of history can be categorised into what level of technology each period had. The development of technology has affected virtually every industry considering every business relies on technology of some sort in order to run. In some cases, it has even birthed some industries such as video games, which has since gone on to become the leader in entertainment. Certainly, it is hard to think of a sector that developing technology has affected more than entertainment.

One must only look towards all the different areas in entertainment to get an idea of how technology has changed them. For example, music used to be something that had to be attended to listen to. This is why there are great musical theatres to this day, as listening to music used to be an event, an experience that people would travel miles for. Many will know that devices such as the gramophone and record player were invented to allow people to listen to music from the comfort of their own homes, before eventually being replaced by cassettes and CDs.

The same story happened with movies and TV, as both have birthed a streaming industry where many films and TV shows are available to watch on-demand. People only need to look at the growth of the streaming industry to get an idea of how popular the activity is with most people. Sites such as Netflix and Prime Video have become a staple of modernised living in that entertainment is available at the touch of a button. This is compared to how media used to be consumed; people had to buy or rent physical DVDs to watch films or pay for a TV package to watch their favourite shows. 

While many people likely still collect DVDs and can boast a massive library of them, it is clear what most people like to do now is. This is because of the plethora of advantages that streaming content online has over more traditional means. For example, the cost of streaming is usually always cheaper as it offers people a massive catalogue of shows and films for a good monthly price. Those who wanted to buy DVDs or watch a film in the cinema will find them paying around a quarter or even half the price of streaming just to watch one thing, which is incredible.

Streaming is not only cheaper, but it is more convenient too. This is because people can use these services wherever they are. Those digital nomads who like to travel to different places while working will appreciate this, and can provide useful information for those looking to get into this modern lifestyle.

There is no doubt that streaming is the new way to consume media, and it won’t be surprising to see a world where streaming is the only way to watch things.

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