Wedding Food Tasting: What To Expect And What To Do


Of course, you’d want your wedding to be memorable — not only for you, but for your guests as well. One crucial factor you have to consider is the meals and beverages you will offer. Like what many caterers McLean VA have witnessed, weddings that serve an awesome menu give a certain sense of enjoyment and satisfaction to the attendees.

Getting help from a reliable caterer is just the first thing about the process. You have to tick off some more items on your to-do list to ensure that your guests will enjoy a stellar wedding catering experience — one of which is the wedding food tasting.

Why It’s Necessary

When you attend a wedding food tasting, you will get the opportune time to taste actual dishes prepared by your caterer. Take note that catering companies cook differently; it pays to taste of the meals your caterer will provide does match the taste you envision for your wedding menu. This kind of pre-wedding activity also helps you get to know your supplier better.

What To Expect

Caterers McLean VA offer wedding food tastings to know further what their clients want. If you’re hiring the services of a catering company for your wedding, here’s what to expect when you at a wedding food tasting event:

You will be offered different meals. From appetizers to desserts, you will have the chance to taste a variety of dishes and meal choices. This will help you assess if their way of cooking matches your taste. This will also aid you to narrow down your menu options and eventually decide which package offering from them will you pick.

You will get to see how they set up tables. If your caterer also does table decorations, a food tasting event is a great way to see their capabilities yourself. Most caterers showcase their table styling skills during this kind of event to present their clients what can they be capable of — beyond the tastes of their food.

You will know your supplier better. As mentioned, food tasting events offer the chance to know your caterer better. Are their services good enough? Does what they say in their promotions mirrored in the actual food and service they offer? You will witness first-hand how they do their business — so you might not want to miss this opportunity out.

Tips To Remember By

Attending your wedding food tasting soon? Here are some tips you should take to heart:

Be open. Like what you already know, you’ll be given several dishes during the tasting. Be open and taste as many meals as you can — this is the only way you can judge their menu offering and pick the best and most tasteful ones for your own wedding.

Ask. Can your caterer serve a certain kind of dish? Which cocktails suit best to their dishes? Don’t be shy and speak up — ask your supplier about any food-related matters you want to be resolved before your wedding day comes.

Communicate. Caterers McLean VA knows that the clients they render their services for don’t have the same tastes and preferences. When you attend a food tasting event, be honest when it comes to communicating your feedback. This will help your caterer adjust so their services will live up to your specifications.

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