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Top 5 Cheapest Places to Buy Homes in Scotland

Purchasing a home is an investment, and your budget determines the result. When you are home shopping in Scotland with a limited budget, it helps to know that postcodes make a great deal of difference. A home in one city maybe costs thousands more than a house of similar make in another town. It is vital to know which cities are the most affordable in Scotland if money is tight.


Aberdeen is not only the third-largest city in Scotland; it is also among the cheapest to purchase a home in Scotland. Income is around $55,000 a year, and homes are only $200,000. This allows you to keep your mortgage payments low and still provide for your family. Most of the buildings are constructed of granite, so this town is often referred to as Granite City. Also, the highest concentration of all millionaires in the United Kingdom resides in Aberdeen.

Orkney Isles

One of the most romantic locations to live in Scotland is also one of the cheapest places to call home. The Orkney Islands possesses homes that are less than $200,000. This city ranks in the top happiest places to live, possibly because it has a very high employment rate in the United Kingdom. Over 88-percent of the working-age population have jobs paying just under four times the annual cost of the home.


The largest city in Scotland and the fourth largest in the entire United Kingdom is Glasgow. It also sits as one of the most affordable places to move to, with homes averaging $190,000. Income is slightly higher than Aberdeen or Orkney Isles, so people who live here have plenty of extra money to enjoy the gorgeous town. The culture is embedded in everyday living with museums and architecture.


A town named after Stephan Loccard, Stevenston is part of North Ayrshire, Scotland. It was ranked as the most affordable place in the United Kingdom in 2020. Homes rarely exceed $100,000, and the income is, on average, $42,000 a year. While it is extremely affordable, it is harder to transition into for a newcomer. It has been settled for years, and unemployment is slightly elevated. However, if you are already a resident of nearby areas, you will find this small town a delight.


After battling back from being one of the worst cities in Scotland, Cumnock has come a long way. It is among the most affordable places in the United Kingdom to live in, and residents have spent work on restoring the town. Homes are roughly the same price as other ex-mining cities (such as Stevenson). People generally have an income of $45,000. The town hopes that with lower home prices, people will spend extra money on the newly constructed activity centers.

As you can see, living in Scotland does not have to break the bank. There are affordable homes in both large cities, as well as smaller ex-mining towns. The country offers a rich history, and every community has something to offer its residents.

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