Toilet Bowl Accessories: 5 Design Tips to Make Your Small Bathroom Big 

If you have a small space, it doesn’t mean you can’t design or renovate the interior design. And when it comes to designing a place, all you need is creativity and resourcefulness. It applies to Singaporeans because land and space are valuable resources for families. Only the richest get a spacious area, while other families tend to live in a single unit. For that reason, learning some design ideas for making your bathroom bigger with toilet bowl accessories is helpful.

When it comes to redesigning your place, thinking outside the box will help. However, there are simple and easy ideas to follow if you want your bathroom to look more spacious.

So, Start designing your bathroom with these ideas below today!

1. Choose Brighter Colours

When planning to redesign your small bathroom, choosing brighter colours is better because it gives a visual illusion of more space. Aside from wall painting, choose a bright colour for your toilet bowl accessories as they provide a more warm and serene feeling. On top of this, you can also open the window to let the natural light in for better visual appeal.

2. Take Advantage of Mirrors

Incorporating mirrors in your bathroom can add more space as it reflects the wall. You can install multiple mirrors and keep your bathroom look bigger than it used to. Make sure the mirrors look appropriate for the latest faucet design to keep the design consistent. Perhaps, you can put mirrors opposite the wall to give an illusion of more space.

3. Keep the Bathroom Clear

Keeping the bathroom clean can also give a more spacious appearance to your interior design. For this reason, remove bathroom rugs or decorations on the floor like indoor plants. It will give you a clearer view of your bathroom, providing a visual illusion. Instead of focusing on the floor, it’s better to focus on the bathroom taps in Singapore to make the design more effective.

4. Choose a Shower Head

Another thing to consider is the shower head. Since the bathroom is small, you can choose a rain shower head in Singapore appropriate for the space. Imagine an oversized showerhead that can make your room smaller. It’s better to consider the length and width before installing the shower head.

5. Only Use a Certain Number of  Toilet Accessories

Finally, you must also pick toilet bowl accessories to keep the bathroom looking spacious. This way, you can keep the room clean and free from clutters.

Designing your small bathroom is possible with TOTO Asia Oceania. So, you can visit their website to check their latest faucet design.

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