The Importance Of Adjusting A Commercial Space Thanks To Landscaping

Some believe that the history of landscaping can be traced back to the origin of man, in that once he adopted agriculture, he modified his environment to meet his needs. Hundreds of years later, accounts of the hanging gardens of Babylon are used to exemplify the antiquity of landscaping. Still, others place the origin of this practice in medieval times with the construction of castles and fiefdoms; opinions are dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries are not lacking, citing the Palace of Versailles as an example.

However, it may have been, modern landscape architecture arose in the face of the ecological-social conflicts derived from the Industrial Revolution. The first landscape architect was the American Frederick Law Olmsted, who in 1863 founded a modern study of this subject.

Landscaping is considered the activity that modifies the visible, physical, and emotional characteristics of a space, both rural and urban, to express aesthetic and cultural values.

Activities such as growing plants, shaping natural elements, and creating structures and abstract elements are considered part of the landscaping since it resorts to the visual and the multidimensionality of space. Thus, landscaping is regarded as both art and science, requiring skills such as observation, design, planning, creativity, organization, and imagination, encompassing different disciplines such as architecture, art, sociology, etc.

Green areas are, therefore, a fundamental claim, so the work of the landscape designer is especially relevant, especially in commercial spaces open to the outside, where architecture and urbanism converge in the landscape design project.

For example, an increasing number of shopping centers are requesting the services of a Tampa fl commercial landscaping company for the design of their retail spaces, as they seek to offer the user different shopping experiences and do not limit themselves to the functionality of the rooms but try to include in their premises other elements that enhance their image and that of the brands that operate there. A specialized Tampa fl commercial landscaping company is essential to complete projects such as those carried out in recent years in our country.

The intervention of a Tampa fl commercial landscaping company in a commercial space must meet particular premises. Therefore, both the design and the pace of work must be adapted to that of the other disciplines involved in commercial space will evolve at a breakneck pace. However, the center’s structure is maintained for years; many of the elements that make it up will become or will be modified in the first 15 years of the center’s life, usually caused by extensions or updates to the image of the center itself.

The final result must be immediate in commercial landscaped spaces, which turns these spaces into prop-gardens or decorated areas rather than parks or gardens. For this reason, the team of a Tampa fl commercial landscaping company involved in these projects must be competent in different disciplines such as architecture, civil engineering, or agronomy.

Landscaping adds the value of beauty to the environment, giving it harmony and transforming it into a unit. It is also essential to consider the psychological effect it produces since people can identify with a particular place, influencing their behavior. Before, there was no awareness of these aspects, but now the direct relationship between man and where he lives has been discovered. It must be taken into account that beauty does not only refer to the green, but any aspect of the environment, that is, everything related to outer space: colors, textures, and sounds, which are intensely linked to the senses.

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