The Difference Between The Different Generations Of Industries

This is the early phase of the 4th industrial revolution. Before this, 3 revolutions already took place in the world that marked the need and innovation of industry 4.0 which is the digital revolution. Today, we will discuss the difference between various industrial revolutions to understand what transformation has taken place in the industrial machinery to make our lives more comfortable and convenient. 

Science: A Boon For All Sectors 

We always evidenced the debate on the science whether it is a boon or curse to mankind. To some extent, it can be considered as a curse, but in a bigger sense, it is actually a boon that has made mankind superior to any other creature. The thinking, the innovative ideas, and everything else have made the world smaller than we could ever think about it before the 17th century. Let’s discuss all these revolutions in detail and how the 4.0 industry revolution is superior to all of them! 

The First Revolution

When the first revolution took place, the need for animal or human labor has shifted to steam or water energy. In many industries, people have to suffer much physical illness which ultimately led them to death and after the introduction of this revolution, this hassle has become curtailed to a great extent. 

The Second Revolution 

The second wave has incorporated the use of oil, electricity, and coal in the industries that made them more efficient and productive. It is in this stage only when conveyor belts are utilized to do mass production subsequently with other productions. 

The Third Revolution 

The third revolution has marked the beginning of computerization. That is why the era is also considered factory automation or manufacturing automation. Various industrial machinery has been introduced during and even after this era. 

The Fourth Revolution

The revolution in the fourth time is nothing but the advancement or addition in the third stage. This is the era where digital factors like Cyber-physical systems, Artificial Intelligence, etc. took place and made the computerized world more fruitful and convenient for people. It is the smart or digital factory where industrial robot is utilized to make the work more productive and efficient. 

As we are in the era of 4th Industrialization with the abundant uses of the digital factory, and due to its impeccable contributions, this era has been sustaining for a long time, it is considered superior to other 3 revolutions in the industries. 

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