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License Surveys – Requirements and Tips

In the last fortnight, there has been a significant shift in our political system. First time in seventy years, we have a peacetime government. We may one day look back on the agreement reached between the Conservatives & Liberal Democrats in years to see it as a crucial moment in our political past and the birth date of “new politics,” which politicians have been talking so much about.

What does this all mean for licensed trades?

As reported by The Publican and The Morning Advertiser last week, the industry seems to have welcomed the new Government with a cautious welcome. Conservatives have always believed that individuals are responsible for their actions. Governments can control actions by imposing rules and regulations on them. Liberal Democrats, who are socially liberal, would love to see the State curtailed. We will see if this shift in emphasis has the desired effect of reducing anti-social behavior long term. The coalition might make it more difficult to reach consensus than in single-party government governments. This could reduce government reaction to the headlines in tabloid newspapers. It would be most appreciated if alcohol license dubai regulation were more carefully considered.

How to Buy a Liquor License?

The new Government’s economic policies are still in their infancy. However, the trade is most worried about an increase in VAT, from 17.5 to 20%. Most licensed tradesmen see the VAT increase as inevitable. We are not so certain. George Osborne (the new Chancellor) hinted that the tax increases already agreed could raise more revenue than he was trying to cut in deficit reduction. Politically, raising VAT would make it dangerous for the Opposition.

In terms of alcohol duty, the alcohol license dubai appears more hopeful. In the past few years, the alcohol tax has risen rapidly. This has had a negative impact on sales volumes, and ironically, also on the Treasury’s tax take. The Conservatives have pledged to abandon Labor’s 10 percent above inflation alcohol duty hike. Liberal Democrats also promise to review the current alcohol tax regime, including the “beer duties escalator. So, some relief might be possible.

Application Process, Liquor Mark Up

According to the Advertiser, rumors are circulating today that the Department for Culture, Media & Sport, responsible for licensing, will be returning responsibility to the Home Office. What will this mean for licensed trades if these rumors turn out to be true? Can we expect a stricter regime from government departments responsible for law enforcement and public order? During the election campaign, both the Conservatives (and Lib Dems) were very tough. Tories are demanding tougher penalties for the police and local authorities to remove licenses. This includes a massive increase in the fine for selling underage items and an additional charge for late-night premises. Liberal Democrats want to see a Premises alcohol license dubai reviewed each time there is an underage sale.

It appears to be clear in which direction the land is going. It isn’t clear, however, what additional powers could be granted to reduce rogue licensed establishments. The new Government may instead concentrate on getting enforcement officials and residents to utilize the many and diverse powers they already have more efficiently. It is an exciting time. Let’s not let that be a curse for the licensed trade. Approving departments use one very common trick: they drag out approvals for up to a year for “standard” applications, with the promise of expedited processing if additional fees were paid.

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