Situations when you Need a Lawyer

There is no doubt that there are some circumstances in life that call for the help of an attorney or legal expert. Sometimes, these affairs can be extreme, therefore having a top lawyer by your side can be of great benefit. Hence, it is necessary to have knowledgeable and experienced family lawyers on standby, so that you won’t be caught off guard if such a situation arises.

Law is extremely broad and for that reason, lawyers tend to specialize in various aspects of the law, such as family, employment, injury, bankruptcy, and so on. Therefore, it is important to look for an attorney that can best handle your case based on their area of specialization.

That said, here are the real-life situations that necessitate the assistance of a professional lawyer.

  • Divorce

When getting into marriage, separation is the last thing anyone would wish to envision. However, sometimes this happens to be the case and there is nothing we can do about it. If the parties involved agree to terminate the marriage mutually, then in such a case a lawyer may not be worthwhile. However, if there is a serious dispute on various issues, such as property, children guardianship, investments, child support, and so on, then legal representation is greatly encouraged.

A family lawyer in Perth can guide you carefully on the terms of the separation and the possible routes you can pursue to avoid causing more trouble and inflicting more pain and suffering to the persons involved. A family lawyer Perth through his expertise can help you handle the divorce proceedings in a manner that is endurable though painful.

  • Workplace Disputes

More often than not, many workers are not well-informed of their rights in their places of work, and the employment law is not strictly followed by the employers. This can result in a series of workplace disputes, starting from contested contract issues, unjustified firing to discrimination in the places of work.

In such cases, hiring a lawyer to defend your rights against violation by the employer would be a huge step to rightfully reclaim your rights and get the employer punished for the same. Employers will usually have a strong legal representation on standby, so if you overlook the need to hire an attorney and opt to represent yourself, your prospects of outwitting your boss will be slim. It is necessary to recruit the most qualified employment attorney in Perth to get a better understanding of your rights as an employee and the process involved in filing a lawsuit.

  • Lawsuits

If you are facing prosecution involving a significant amount of money or property, it is highly recommended to engage a lawyer. Most probably, the prosecutor will have a battery of lawyers, therefore it is necessary to have your case handled by top legal minds as well. Although the settlement of a majority of these cases is done out of court, having a seasoned attorney by your side will definitely ensure that you don’t incur massive losses.

  • Criminal Charges

There is nothing more nerving than facing a criminal charge. If you are charged with criminal wrongdoing, there is a high likelihood that you may not be fully informed of your rights in the case and for that reason contacting is the best course of action as they will not only defend you against the charges imposed but also fight for your rights, whether guilty or innocent.

  • Driving Under Influence

DUI is a major offense in the United States and many other countries. This misdemeanor attracts punitive actions such as hefty fines, revocation of driver’s license, and to some extent jail term. Depending on the severity of the matter, the accused can be slapped with a combination of the three. If you have been nabbed driving while intoxicated, the first thing that you need to do is to reach out to a lawyer right away or immediately after you are freed. A DUI lawyer will make efforts to meet the prosecutor and possibly try to negotiate to have the charges halved, converted into a fine, or dismissed altogether. This will work perfectly especially if you have never been charged with a similar offense. Unless you are ready for any verdict, it is highly discouraged to face off a prosecutor in a court of law without the backing of a skilled attorney.

Since drug lawsuits are extremely serious, it would take the guidance and support of a seasoned attorney to win such cases.

  • Car Accidents

Suppose you are seriously injured in a car accident that you were not responsible for. In that case, you will need to contact a personal injury lawyer. The insurance company providing cover for the party liable for the accident may try to reach out to you, however, it is essential to allow the lawyer to make the follow-up on your behalf.

A professional injury lawyer is well-conversant with the law, your rights, and the most appropriate settlement rates. When injured in an accident, only talk to the police and medical team especially if you need urgent medical care.

  • Wills and Trusts

Oftentimes, families are involved in serious disagreements over wills and trusts. These sorts of drama and unnecessary conflicts can be avoided by depositing your will or trust with an experienced and reliable lawyer. Preferably, this should be done immediately you welcome your first child, and then keep updating whenever you feel something else ought to be included.

  • Business

Setting up a business is no longer a straightforward process as it involves lots of legal issues that need to be addressed. For this reason, it is important to engage a lawyer to handle legal matters involving your business. Regardless of the type of business you are running, it is virtually impossible to handle all the legal issues alone, unless you are an expert in legal matters.

Hiring a business lawyer when starting a business will not only help you navigate possible legal issues but also ensure you’re protected in the event of lawsuits.

Situations that Don’t Demand the Assistance of a Lawyer

Several legal issues don’t require the input of a lawyer. They include:

  • Traffic Fines

The fines imposed when caught violating traffic rules are in most cases reasonable and in such a situation the best option is to pay the fine and have the matter settled on the spot. These are petty legal issues that don’t need the help of a lawyer. However, there are instances where an attorney input would be needed, especially if the penalty involves revocation of the license or the offense impacts your insurance premium to great extent. In such a situation, an attorney can intervene to get the penalty reduced to a fine.

  • Small Claims Court

Most of the civil disputes fall into this category. These disputes normally involve small amounts of money. In such cases, you don’t have to hire a lawyer to represent you as you can do it perfectly. The judge will listen to both the plaintiff and the accused before arriving at a verdict.

  • Lawsuits You’re Reluctant to Contest

If you are being taken to court and are ready to fulfill the demands of the litigant, then you don’t need to hire an attorney. You will simply show up in court and opt not to contest. To avoid getting into conflict with the court, it is important to turn up for the proceedings and ultimately comply with the judgment delivered.

Generally, an ordinary person is less likely to be conversant with the law as well as his or her full rights. Besides ensuring their rights are protected in case of a legal dispute, an attorney will use his expertise to ensure his or her client gets the most favorable possible verdict.

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