Protecting Your Furniture from Your Pets

There’s an undeniable strong bond between pet owners and their beloved pets. While spending time and sharing moments with our pets may be the best feeling, sharing furniture with them may be the complete opposite. Our fuzzy family members may, at times, be too playful for our liking. Dogs and cats are particularly guilty of scratching and biting sofas and other furniture, which can be annoying to pet owners. Apart from scratching and biting, pet fur is a concern for pet owners as well. As such, devising smart ways of protecting your furniture from your pets is vital to their durability.

Tired of the destruction and mess-up of your furniture by your pets? Try these simple tips out!

Get Covers for Your Furniture

Covering your furniture may be the best way to protect them without restricting your pet’s urge to scratch on surfaces. Slipcovers and washable blankets are great options for covering your sofa, and they do more than enough in protecting your couches.

Place Pet Toys Next to Your Furniture

Having pet toys around the furniture is another smart way of keeping their claws off the sofa legs and tables. Scratching posts and chew toys are great at keeping them relaxed and occupied whenever they are in a playful mood. Essentially, this prevents them from biting or scratching the furniture.

Before buying pet toys, it is important to observe and identify whether your pet loves to scratch or bite on furniture. Their common behaviour will guide you accordingly so that you can buy the perfect toys for them.

Invest in a Pet Bed or Pet Sofa Cover

Another way of preventing furniture damage by pets is by buying a pet bed. Afterwards, train them on using the pet bed instead of the sofa. After feeding your puppies on the best dry puppy food, ensure that they have some rest on the pet bed before you can take them out for a walk. This way, they get used to sleeping on the pet bed.

Find the information related healthy food at affordable pet care and choose proper dieting plan for your loving one.

Pet beds and pet sofa covers also come in handy in controlling fur dispersal. If your pets do not welcome the idea of a pet bed, pet sofa covers are also great options. They keep pet fur off the sofa, and you get to enjoy each other’s company while sharing the sofa as well.

Keep Your Pets Groomed

Regular grooming of your furry companions not only keeps them neat and healthy but also helps protect your furniture. Wondering how? Keeping your pets’ nails manicured prevents them from damaging furniture, even when they scratch them. Trimming your dog’s hair regularly also saves you the hassle of putting up with dog fur around the house. It also means that your furniture remains fur-free, minimizing the need to clean and boosting its durability in the process.

Walk your Pet Regularly

Giving your pet lots of exercises is a sure way to keep them out of the house. As such, it is advisable to take them for a walk or play around with them. This way, they utilize most of their energy and will probably have little left to scratch or play with your furniture.


Just like us, pets love furniture and often leave undesirable marks on them. What’s more, our fuzzy companions leave their fur on furniture, which could be tiring to clean for most owners. Investing in pet toys, pet beds and sofa covers is an excellent way of protecting your furniture. Keeping your pets well-groomed and taking them for walks are also smart ways of keeping them off the house, which in turn helps protect furniture.

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