Protecting the Password from Hackers – All You Need to Know

These days social media accounts of business leaders and influencers are getting hacked all the time. In this article, you will learn some tips to prevent your social media accounts and private information getting hacked.

One thing you have to do is to create strong and highly secure passwords. If you think passwords like abc123 or 123456 will help you, think again. One tip to build a strong password is to innovatively use a phrase or a sentence in a password that other people find hard to guess. You can think of a personalized message and use the first letters of every word to create a password. You could add few numbers and symbols into the password to avoid security breach.

Using different passwords

We do not use the same key for our offices, home and car, right? In the same manner it is not a good practice to use same password for all the accounts. Some of the websites also add an extra layer of security by asking for an OTP every time you log in to your account. When a website asks you to enter one-time password, you have to unlock your account by adding a code you might have received on your email address or phone number.

If you use different passwords for different accounts, it will be quite difficult to remember all of the passwords, hence, it is highly recommended that you use a trusted password manager that will encrypt and save all of your passwords and can be easily accessed with a single password.

What if you forgot your password or get locked out? In such case, you need a way to access your account again. Many social accounts follow the practice of sending email to recovery email address to reset the password. Hence, it is quite important that you keep the recovery email address up dated.

Adding phone numbers for better security

Many websites also ask to add a phone number in order to receive a code to reset the password. According to the experts, mobile numbers provide more secure identification method as compared to the email address or security question. You always have a physical possession of your mobile phone and it is very unlikely that someone will use it in wrong manner.

While posting photos and status updates on social media accounts, you can check your settings and controls and monitor who can see the content before you post it.

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