Pro-level Arcade Theme Tips To Make You The Partygoers’ Favourite

Remember the hours spent on scoring the highest in Pac-Man or tagging each tally with the most awkward names?

Whoever said that arcade games are for kids must have never played them. These video battles might be popular with Los Angeles teenagers today, but everyone can relate to the nostalgia it brings.

Now that you’re thinking of throwing a party, how about you pick an arcade theme for the same? If you’re already excited, here’s what to keep in mind before you call up your favourite arcade game rental in Los Angeles, CA.

  1. Select a spacious venue

A whole lot of fun and even more space to hang out is the classic definition of an exciting party area.

Whether you’re planning to throw a party in your backyard or in a rented place in LA, people gotta have what they came for – entertainment. That’s why you must ensure that your venue allows easy mobility without any compromise on a good time.

Remember, if you’re planning the event with kids in it, make sure that their play area is in the line of sight of the main arcade space.

  1. Pick your package deal

Adventure – the important thing to keep in mind while organising an event in the entertainment capital of the world, i.e., Los Angeles. So, if you want your guests to have a night that they can’t forget (not the movie ‘Hangover’ style), include a variety of games.

The best strategy is to mix and match old with new. So, pick Pac-Man with Strikers for every age group in your party.

  1. Do justice to the decor

You can’t throw an arcade game-themed party and expect retro food and decorations to go with it. So, let your mind work its best and come up with unique items to go with your event.

You can get the help of a caterer in Los Angeles to design an arcade-themed cake. Or, serve the coolest food combos like California’s favourite apple with chili.

  1. Arrange for arcade party activities

What’s the point of organising an arcade-themed party if you can’t even bring out the gaming streak?

Ensure that you have certain games around the arcade in mind to keep the partygoers hooked and talking about your event for months. Keep a whiteboard handy to list out the winners at a machine. You can even hand out tickets to people, which they can use to navigate their way to the party favours.

  1. Find your favours

A souvenir works the best if it brings out nostalgia and helps people jog the fun memory. That’s why you need to be picky about your party favours for your Los Angeles event.

You can get arcade-themed t-shirts printed for the adults at the party. Moreover, you can even pick a trinket with Pac-man beads for kids.

In a nutshell

Planning out a party with arcade games in mind is a sure-shot way for guests to have fun. It’s crucial that you have a plan in mind to amplify the fun with well-functioning machines from the popular arcade game rental in Los Angeles, CA.

With these tips in mind, rest assured that your guests will have a fond recollection of the adventurous party they witnessed.

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