Polished Plastering System As per the Requirement

Classicism, baroque, modern, and even high-tech or loft, true, in the latter cases, the finish is applied selectively to some elements. In fact, only a completely American country, rustic and very strict techno do not allow its use. The only but significant limitation is a perfectly flat surface. Otherwise, applying a thin layer to it will be impossible.

Small Rooms for You

Small rooms, like a bathroom, are usually finished with stucco entirely, both walls and ceiling. Thus, sensations of a real “white-stone chamber” appear. Moreover, even a small room does not look cramped and narrow, of course, if you do not choose too bright or dark shade. But for a large room, the decoration is better to combine. Simply click here for the smartest polished plastering.

  • Such an exquisite coating primarily attracts the eye, and therefore they apply it to those elements that they want to highlight: the wall opposite the sofa, columns that emphasize the chosen style, a ceiling with an unusual configuration and so on.
  • You can do the opposite: select the elements is columns, borders, moldings, white or light color, and apply coating on the walls and ceiling. The effect will be no less amazing.
  • Great reception is a wall panel made of Polished plaster. It is often used to structure a room or change proportions: vertical panels visually raise the ceiling, horizontal walls “push apart”.
  • They do exactly the same, trying to divide the room into zones is a representative living room, for example, and a calmer relaxation area or a working room for an office.

An extremely unusual but feasible application is the decoration of furniture. Cabinet doors made of simple chipboard covered with Polished plaster look original and unusual.

Color spectrum

Polished marble plaster in the interior Polished plaster, according to tradition, imitates natural stone, and therefore, its color scheme in usual cases repeats the known breeds of decorative stone.

In fact, there are no restrictions here: the “Polished” is tinted in any color. Moreover, the most luxurious and elegant plaster looks, where 2-3 colors are used. Moreover, they can be combined and contrasting.

The resulting surface is treated with wax. It is better to refuse varnish, since it is not at all as durable as the plaster itself and it cracks. Waxing technology provides a matte or glossy finish. Wax can be used decorative, with a golden sheen, for example. It can enhance shine, emphasize the pattern.

Modern versions of the “Polished” sometimes do not even need to be tinted. Moreover, the manufacturing recipe allows you to immediately achieve the desired visual effect: velvety, radiant shine and so on.

However, finishing with Polished stucco is not the work of a craftsman, but of the artist, where every touch of a spatula and brush is important. So, professionals now prefer to choose shades on their own. About whether Polished stucco is done with your own hands, read below.

How to make a solution for her with your own hands?

Real Polished plaster cannot be made at home. Even if you manage to get stone chips and dust, the remaining components are not in wide sale. But you can make plaster “under the Polished plaster.”

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