Points to Remember when getting a plumbing service in Singapore

We as living creature depend on nature’s element for our survival. Natural ingredients like air, soil and most importantly, water is required for us to live. Nobody can imagine life without these three elements, which is not an unknown fact.

Nowadays, a very basic home also comes with a water connection and pipelines. These, in turn, help the people who are living in that house to get a regular supply of water whenever they want.

Sometimes due to the poor connectivity of the water supply and puny quality of the PVC (polyvinyl chloride) water pipes, the supply gets disrupted. It can affect our daily activity, which essentially requires water, for example, Bathing, washing clothes and utensils, cooking, etc.

Only the highly trained professionals who are expert in connecting home water supply connections can fix these types of problems. They are actively known as ‘Plumber’ and the services of fixing the water pipes, bathtub, toilets and taps are called as ‘Plumbing Service’.

Although, many times, they might not fix the issue properly because of endless reasons. Some of the most common reasons for this is the absence of knowledge, poor training, lack of expertise and experience in their field. Hence, you must certainly term before getting a plumbing service. You don’t have to watch videos related to plumbing or search overnight for the best plumbing services Singapore.

Here, you can find the list of criteria to keep in mind before getting this service. Let us get started.

  • PUB Certification

Well, you might be wondering what PUB certification is. PUB stands for Public Utilities Board which was established long back ago in 1963. In countries like Singapore, it is nearly impossible to give essential facilities to everyone without the involvement of governmental bodies or municipal corporation. 

The public utility board was formed to ensure the basic supply of water, electricity and gas pipeline for the citizens of Singapore. Every personnel like electricians, engineers and more of plumbers who are working under these three departments must have a certificate to identify them. This unique certificate is only provided to those who are highly trained and have long term experience in their field.

If you are looking for plumbing service, then you must first check the PUB certificate of that person. If they do not have this certification, then there is a possibility that the person who is repairing your water connection is not that well-qualified and may also end up creating more problems.

  • Licensed Plumber (LP)

This may sound similar to that of the first method but has a completely different meaning. When I am talking about the license number with regards to the plumbing service in Singapore, then it is very important to understand that it refers to a unique number provided by the government of Singapore. 

Although this is only given to those, who are certified for doing the job of providing basic facilities to the local public. Under this revised scheme of the Singaporean government, only those who have mastery of fixing up water supply issue and managing electricity connection are given the post of Licensed plumber.

Hence, you must check for the legal persons who are licensed for doing their job. You can just type the name of the pipefitter in the official website of PUB and enter search to get the legal details.

  • Company employee

Usually, two types of plumber give plumbing service. The one who does not work for any other organisation is known as a Self-employed plumber. While on the contrary, those who are working under any organisation or company can be referred to as an employed plumber.

There are many firms and cooperate level agency whose business model is based on providing essential facilities to common people like you and me. It is highly recommended to go for such pipe fitter who is working under these types of organisation. You may question why you should look for this category of a plumber?

Well, many factors affect the quality of plumbers. Although the ones who are working under such an agency are skilled and disciplined, the company obviously will not hire them until they don’t have the experience and qualification. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the service, then you can also register, you’re complaining about the same to their head supervisor.

  • Compare

There are many online web portals where you can get a vast option of plumbing agency at your fingertips. Some are fake, and some a genuine yet undiscoverable. But how to know the right one?

We, as human being, always compare things with another similar idea. It is part of our psychology to determine the best possible element for you. Well, you can use this technique of comparison before getting a plumbing service.

One can search for the top 5 reliable plumbers in Singapore through online mediums like social media website and so on.

  • Type of waterpipe

If you are living in a country like Singapore, then you must know that there are mainly three to four types of pipe depending upon the material which is used for supplying water to households.

Concreate, plastic, copper, aluminium, stainless steel, etc., are some of the basic types of material used for making watertight pipes. Moreover, specialised waterpipes like PVC and polychrome are used commonly around the globe. 

Due to this huge variation in pipes, only a few people have the ability to fix them properly. You can’t tell a stainless-steel pipe fixer to fix the plastic pipe. He or she may not have the required knowledge about that one.

You must first look for the type of pipe used in your house for water connects. If you can’t tell which material is used, then don’t worry. There are many websites where you can upload the image of the pipe to get the exact answer from the experts.

Moreover, the plumbers with experience will fix your problem in no time and you are good to go.

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