Perks Of Solid Flooring And Engineered Wood Flooring

The two popular kinds of flooring are solid flooring and engineered flooring. These flooring techniques are quite popular due to their immense benefits. As per flooring company Raleigh, it is quite sufficient to attain good flooring as it holds your home’s crux. If you are not equipped with good flooring, then you are ready to face numerous difficulties such as wear, scratches, slippage, etc.

This excerpt will help you to gather essential information about solid flooring as well as engineered wood flooring. Before further details, let’s get an understanding of both of them.

Solid Flooring

Solid flooring constitutes a solid piece of wood. However, the thickness of wood used for the flooring can vary as per the desire. It generally lies between 3/4″ to 5/16″. The core attributes of solid hardwood flooring are resilience and hardwearing.


  • It can be re-sanded easily
  • Thicker than the engineered layer of wood flooring
  • It provides a smooth and comfortable finish

Engineered Flooring

With advancements in different flooring techniques, engineered flooring also gained massive popularity due to its enormous benefits. However, it is not a good option for those areas where there are radiant heat systems or high moisture available. These are designed to help resist the wood’s natural tendency to change its dimensions. In this type of wood, each layer’s grains are available in different directions that help in getting stability.


  • It helps in gaining maximum stability
  • It prevents the expansion and contraction of the wood
  • It provides installation flexibility
  • It is environmentally sustainable

In comparison to both the flooring techniques engineered hold the position strong as it has numerous benefits. Engineered wood flooring is an apt choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. However, most people use solid wood flooring as they are quite useful in all scenarios. It depends on the region and the discretion of the installer. Apart from these, you can also opt for carpet flooring on flooring as it provides a soft touch. If you are looking for different options, then any carpet store can help you with getting that.

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