Moissanite And More – Jewelry For the Millennials Today

Today, a few new-age gemstones are trending the market. Diamonds are now on the downswing in many places. One of the most popular companies that sold diamonds is on the verge of losing their business. Since 2017, there has been a fall in the purchase of diamonds. There was a time, when engagement and weddings meant diamonds. With the fall of diamonds, another gemstone is slowly creeping into hearts and closets. It is none other than Moissanite. Today most millennials aged between 24 years and 34 years are moving towards this wonder gem. There are a few who still purchase diamonds, no matter what the price is. However, a few have started venturing towards the lab-prepared gemstone. Moreover, it is believed to be more ethical. So, the world is longing for it.

Creating a Blissful Journey

Today, the younger generation believes in bridging the gap between beauty and the price. And this lovely gemstone that looks similar to diamond breaking all the rules. The stone has qualities that will put the diamond to shame. The stones are very hard, are scratch-free and are not taken out from Mother Earth’s womb. So, we are all certainly becoming environmentally conscious. Moreover, it has a much higher flash-point. That points towards the sparkle. Yes, you will be blown away by the sheer brilliance of the stone. Moreover, it is the second hardest stone available for jewelry purpose.

The best part is the cost. It is available at a fraction of the cost of diamond. So, that is the reason why the top retailers have included in their bevy of saleable items.

Alexander Sparks Sells It Like No Other

They are one of the retailers in NYC. You will find a huge collection of gemstones on their online store. They include Citrine, diamonds, Sapphire, Topaz, Morganite, and before we forget, the one we will be talking about. Many retailers and manufacturers of diamond have gone to the extent of hiding Moissanite from customers. This store is famous for selling only the best metals and gemstones so far.

They sell all kinds of jewelry, like engagement rings, wedding rings, wedding bands, diamond rings, gemstone bands, and earrings. There are earrings made from the wonder gem that we are all talking about today. Yes, it is Moissanite earrings.

There are quite a few varieties for you today. There is 1.00 carat weight Moissanite Stud earrings that are ruling the roost. They are set in a 4-prong basket design. They are set with a single Forever One stone in the center. You have the choice of setting them in white, yellow or rose gold. The earring comes with a screw back. Moreover, they are well-suited for daily wear. Furthermore, they will not lose their sheen and brilliance. You can easily bath with them on. They also come with a warranty card that has a lifetime manufacturing warranty. You will get several other sizes for company.

Amongst the other designs, you can also go for the 2, 3, 4, or 5 carat weight stud earrings. They are equally beautiful and attractive. They are also set within a 4-prong basket. The choice of metals remains open to you. If you are buying at Alexander Sparks, you can tell them your choice. If one is not available, you can order and customize it as well. That is the advantage that they offer all of their customers. It has the typical Charles and Colvard warranty and look. The moment you wear them; you will be transported to seventh heaven. They come with screw-back or push backs. That is totally up to you to decide. Moissanite earrings are really worth a look.

Apart from this wonder stone, another stone called Morganite is also coming into the market. Moreover, it has started trending. It comes in peachy, pinkish and orange tinges. If you are out shopping for jewelry in the market or online, you are bound to stumble upon this choice. Today, many people are actually buying these Morganite stones jewelry. It is a close cousin of emeralds and aquamarines. It is a mineral. You will often, find that they have been heat-treated to develop a darker hue. The heat treatment often removes the orange tinge and imparts a peachy glow to the stone. It is considered as a divine love stone today. It is said to bring compassion, love, and healing to the wearer. Therefore, it has also become famous with healers and spiritually seekers as well.

In fact, it is trying to replace diamonds. If you are looking for engagement rings, you can go for this wonderful stone. it ranks at 7.5 to 8. by comparison the diamond’s 10. If you take care of your Morganite engagement ring, it can last you a lifetime. Like diamonds, Morganite also has a high-degree of brilliance, therefore it shines a lot.  That sparkle will still be there in your life, even if you give the diamond a miss.  You can find this stone in the range if around $300. Diamonds come for upwards of $3,000. Moreover, pink diamonds cost even more. The gemstone is really a rare one. No many are mined today. The rarity adds a certain brilliance and fun element to owing it today. If you are a modern bride, the stone will never go out of style. You can wear it anytime you want to. You can flaunt in a gown as well as pant suits. It completely depends on you, how you want to go about it.

So, if you are getting engaged recently or getting into a healing practice, you can buy one and see. The buy will not be very expensive. So, there is no harm in experimenting a bit. Moreover, you can wear it every day, for any occasion. However, you can remove it, if you are working in the garden or with chemicals. It is much safer that way. The ring will be sweet reminder of your pleasant times.

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