Mobile Games Vs. Desktop Games: Which Is Better?

Let’s look at some convincing points between two platforms. has previously mentioned that although desktop games development is at the top of the totem pole it might be possible that Mobile games can catch-up due to it’s recent popularity.

For the longest time, desktop games have always paved the way for the milestones of video gaming. Time after time, triple-A games were still catered, designed, and created for desktop or PC. Desktop games like Counterstrike, Grandtheft Auto, Battlerealms, was always dominating the gaming space.

Mobile phones are developing rapidly, with bigger batteries, larger memory, and better processors. Along with improvements in mobile phones, mobile games improved too. You’ll be surprised how many mobile games today can be comparable to the latest desktop games.

Shooter Games

Shooter games have been around as long as we can remember. apunka games like Quake, Counterstrike, Serious Sam were among the first games of this genre. Now, shooter games have also made their way to mobile gaming.

Most of the shooter games today are developed for PC gaming. Primarily because shooter games can easily be played using a desktop PC. You can move and aim the way you want to and has a much smoother experience compared to playing it using mobile.

Most mobile shooter games right now are mobile versions of the actual game on PC . A perfect example is Player Unknown’s Battleground or also known as PUBG. The original desktop version released in 2017. Not long after that, a mobile version of PUBG also came out with fewer graphics and features.

MOBA (Mobile Online Battle Arena)

PC MOBA games made the MOBA genre known across the world. However, There’s increasing popularity of mobile MOBA games. The mobile MOBA games and the PC MOBA games are neck-in-neck when it comes to active players. There isn’t much difference when playing MOBA games on desktop and mobile. This fact may be the reason for the very active player counts on both platforms.

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs)

MMORPGs are another competitive genre when you talk about mobile vs. desktop gaming. Shooter games and MOBA games are more linear, match-by-match kind of games. However, MMORPGs are more story-based and are more of a long term kind of gaming genre. Thus, this creates an entirely new set of players.

It’s no surprise that there are a ton of great MMORPG games created for both desktop and mobile. Desktop MMORPGs have a more immersive experience and vast content. But there are already mobile MMORPGs out there that are  .

Strategy Games

Another great genre to compare with is the strategy game genre.

From the simplest chess games (not as simple as you would imagine though) to the complex ones, this is another popular genre for mobile and desktop.

Strat games are easy to play, simple, do not need a lot of crucial mechanics and functions. There isn’t a lot you can do for a strat game on desktop. Most strategy games are better suited for mobile because people who play these types of games would most likely want to play on the go.

Pros and Cons of Mobile and Desktop Games

So much for genres, let’s look at some pros and cons of mobile and desktop games. This way, you can grasp a better understanding, which is better suited for your playstyle. It may help you think about choosing between mobile and desktop games.

Pros: Desktop Games

You can’t compare mobile games to desktop games when it comes to graphics or content. Desktop games still dominate in the graphics department and in-game content. The gaming experience, when playing a desktop game, is still too superior.

Cons: Desktop Games

The weakness of desktop games is portability. Desktop games are simply just made for desktop gaming. There is no workaround on this. You can’t play a desktop game on a mobile phone. But there are tons of mobile games you can play on the PC through the use of emulators.

Pros: Mobile Games

Imagine the feeling of being able to play a great game on the go. Portability is maybe the number one reason why to choose mobile games. Not to mention that more and more developers and gaming companies are starting to step up in terms of gaming content on mobile games.

Cons: Mobile Games

Compared to Desktop games, mobile games still have to improve in terms of graphics, longevity, and player retention. Mobile games struggle when it comes to keeping players engaged and invested. Also, due to the limited processing power of mobile devices, mobile games still aren’t there yet comparing it to the standards of desktop games.


Are desktop games better than mobile games and vise Versa? From the facts above, it’s a tough choice. It all comes down to the individual player’s preference and playstyle. Whatever your choice may be, there’s no denying that mobile games and desktop games are evolving in an exciting and promising pace.

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