Look for Your Smart Mistakes in Grammar In the Right Way

Even if it is not used consciously, it is elementary in every linguistic act after all people speak an average of 16,000 words per day. 1These are arranged in a regular manner so that all communication partners can make sense of what is said and react. It is all the more astonishing that the study of grammar is theoretically included in the framework plan for the state up to the 10th grade, but is in fact over with the end of the 6th grade. The scope of the material and the centering of literature lessons in the framework plan mean that grammar are of secondary importance. In the upper level, under the competence area of examining language and language use in the German core curriculum, she is only awarded half an A4 page. 2 The question of the legitimacy of grammar must be asked if even the Ministry of Education partially undermines this in its guidelines for teachers.

In this term paper we will deal with exactly the following: Why is grammar significant in everyday life and what is the justification for grammar and grammar teaching today? You need to work out on why the imparting of grammatical knowledge promotes the awareness of language and the use of language as well as literary and orthographic understanding and thus promotes the development of the skills required in the core curriculum. Using the grammar check online is a smart choice here.

Grammar between Language Awareness and Social Status

Grammar is often seen as a difficult to penetrate, sometimes even boring to irrelevant, even painful topic on the part of the students. The sentence is ascribed to Lenin: “Those who have had enough grammar lessons endure the suffering of the world better.”

Even teachers seem less excited about the topic:

For many who teach or want to teach German, grammar is the area most occupied with uncertainty, aversion or even fear not infrequently because of memories of their own German lessons. Because one did not always understand what the teacher was trying to explain, this seems to be a difficult, perhaps even only intuitively manageable, occult science. The change of roles from the student to the student and trainee teacher to the teacher or from the student to the teacher requires you to deal with your own language and your grammatical knowledge again and in a different way. Suddenly you should confront children and young people with a learning area that is more reminiscent of Math notes than language, which contains many incomprehensible terms and relates the words of the language to one another by some kind of rules, with so many exceptions opposed to each individual rule that their conveyance does not seem appealing.

Importance of Grammar

This makes it all the more important to explain the importance of grammar in everyday life to both pupils and students. In the modern world of the 21st century there are only a few who do not communicate daily via chat programs in addition to face-to-face conversations. Thus language becomes more and more important; more precisely: The use of language is becoming more important.

The language constellations become more dispersed and differentiated, which is why the significance of language awareness also increases. The actual expansion of competencies through grammar knowledge in real life must be explained to the students.

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