Keep Your Guard Up: 5 Disadvantages Of Having A Faulty Security System In Singapore

Having a security system is one thing, but having a security system that works efficiently is another. A security system in Singapore is meant to do what it’s built for: ensuring the safety of the people within the establishment it’s supposedly guarding. If this system fails to fulfil its purpose, it isn’t considered a minor flaw. It’s bigger than mistakes caused by any other technology out there. To give you a better understanding, here are the five downsides of having a low-quality security system: 

Low-Quality Footage

CCTV cameras in your workplace make you and everyone else feel much safer. However, security cameras still have the possibility of producing low-quality footage. A faulty CCTV camera leads to images and faces coming out unclear due to the grainy video. What use would the footage be then if you can barely see it?


Security systems should be consistent in terms of performance. If they lose their consistency, they will also lose their primary purpose. Take a door access system in Singapore, for instance. If the door access system shows inconsistency by functioning correctly one day and refusing to function the next, then people who don’t know the passcode have a chance at entering the room or building even if they aren’t meant to.

Risking The Health of Others

With the recent events regarding COVID-19, everyone still fears the possibility of catching the virus. A security system in Singapore now includes thermal technologies that can scan skin temperature to identify anyone with a possible fever. Even without COVID-19, it can still help show who came to work sick. If these temperature screening devices aren’t efficient, it risks the health of people within the premises. 

Higher Risk Of Breaking And Entering

Intruders can easily take advantage of security systems that aren’t in the best shape. An example of this can be a faulty office door access system in Singapore. A low-quality door access system can most likely lead to unwelcome guests entering the office, where they can either hurt someone or take something unexpectedly. 

Failure To Ensure Safety

With all these in mind, the main downfall of owning a mediocre security system is failing to keep people safe. Any establishment’s responsibility is to ensure that those who enter and stay should be protected from any form of harm. 

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