It’s not Impulse that Helps in Writing and Essay: You Need to Be a Pro

Are you training in writing and want to have all your texts corrected by a team of experts? With expert services you can get unlimited correction service. You can send as many essays as you want and teachers will give you tips on how to improve your text.

They know the importance of being well prepared for the entrance exam, especially when it comes to the newsroom that counts a lot in the result and in the final grade. For this reason, experts offer the unlimited correction service to students as a bonus when purchasing any of the courses on the site.

Who can submit essays for correction?

To participate in the Unlimited Corrections project, just is a student of any of the Vestibular Strategy and Military Strategy courses. Students have at their disposal a team of specialists who know the procedures for correcting newsstands as well as knowledge about the ideal structure of the essay text.

I am a student: how many essays can I send?

10? 100? 1000? There is no limit. Yes. You can send as many essays as you want. If you are a student of Vestibular Strategy and Military Strategy, you can produce and send as many essays as you do. Just follow the procedures and send your text to team. Regarding this getting some good support from might be of great support.

Tips for good writing

  • Demonstrate mastery of the cultured norm of the written language;
  • Understand the proposal of the newsroom;
  • Be faithful to the theme;
  • Have a good argument in your argumentative essay text;
  • Don’t forget to interpret the information, organize and select the facts and opinions;
  • Show knowledge of the linguistic mechanisms necessary for argumentation;
  • Draw up a solution proposal for the problem addressed.

Shipping procedures

  • Download the essay sheet available on this page
  • Print the sheet so that you can write the essay in your own hand
  • Follow the theme suggested by the teacher in class
  • If you want to choose a theme, indicate it in the email
  • Prefer to save the file in PDF (files in this format have better quality)
  • You can also send a photograph, as long as its text is legible in the image
  • Send, by e-mail, your text to the following address
  • Teachers have two business days to send their essay correction.

What is the deadline for delivering the corrected essay?

Within two working days, the specialist teacher who corrects your essay will send an email with weightings, tips and guidance on your text. Professional corrections are always well oriented and commented. You will be able to take the tips from teachers and apply them in the next productions.

What topics should I produce writing for?

Some teachers publish articles suggesting themes of the most diverse nature. They are themes applied in our simulations and themes of writing entrance exams already applied.

To which email do I send my essay?

To have your essay corrected, just send an email with your text. It is important that it is written in your own handwriting. After that, scanned or photographed the essay sheet with your dissertation.

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