Issuing and renewing the Emirates Identification Card, UAE

Based on the name, the Emirates Identification Card is a card used in the United Arab Emirates to identify residents and citizens which Contains personal information and smart card functionality. It’s like a credit card.

The personal information section of each card includes the cardholder’s name, gender, nationality, and cardholder identification number, as well as a photo of the cardholder. However, the identification number is a unique 15-digit number that will be yours for a lifetime. To ensure the security and protection of the card information, the Emirates ID card has an electronic smart card chip, a public key infrastructure including a digital signature and authentic certificate as well as finger biometrics.

The electronic chip contains a large number of important personal information about the cardholder, the data remains encrypted. Only authorized authorities can read, rewrite, or update.

Use Emirates ID

  • Take advantage of government services
  • Elect the Federal National Council in elections
  • Use it as a travel document for UAE citizens to travel within the Council of Gulf
  • Use it as a document to broadcast immigration through electronic gates and smart gates at various airports in the Emirates.
  • Incorporation of the chip card in the identity card of the Emirates.
  • Public key infrastructure including digital signature and authentic certificate.
  • Biometric
  • High security and precision
  • Electronic chip identification

Emirates ID Renewal Fees

Let’s break down the Emirates ID renewal fees, For expats, the UAE ID card renewal is AED 100 for each year of validity, i.e. two or three years. An additional AED 70 fee will be charged if you do not complete your application online and do so in person.

There is also a visa fee (AED 200 for two years; AED 300 for three years) and a service fee of AED 40.

Regarding Emirates ID Renewal Processing Time

 There is an additional AED 150 fee for fast 24-hour service, perfect for those in need of an urgent Emirates ID renewal. It’s about renovations. For UAE residents of expats GCC origin, the expedited service is only available if your card is lost or stolen.)

Creative Zone provided Emirates ID services

  • Issued a new Emirates ID card
  • ID card renewal
  • ID card exchange
  • Electronic gate services
  • Emirates identification for local
  • Emirates identification for GCC
  • New Emirates identification valid for 2 years
  • New Emirates identification document valid for 3 years.
  • Emirates ID replacement
  • Mail delivery
  • Monitoring and meeting special needs
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