How to Handle Raw Pet Food

The idea of raw feeding is exciting, considering the benefits it will likely bring your pet. It is an excellent choice for both dogs and cats. Raw food is excellent as it has a better nutrient profile and is better digested and accepted by the pet system. However, since raw dog food is more natural, it is a bit more delicate. In addition, the lack of preservatives and numerous chemical components used as preservatives means that raw food is a bit more perishable and prone to spoilage. So how does one handle raw food properly?

Practices to Help You Handle Raw Food Right

Your dogs and cats’ raw food cannot be handled the same way you handle kibble. While kibble and other dry pet foods are easy to store and serve, raw pet food may not be so easy. It is even more difficult if you are a DIY pet food crusader. 

This type of pet food is more delicate and could lead to serious ailments if mishandled. If you are not into the whole idea of proper food handling and would prefer a more convenient way of feeding your dogs raw food, then Houston Raw Pet Food is a great source of all your raw pet foods. Whether you want cat or dog food, the company will deliver at your request as long as you are in Houston and its surroundings.

Back to handling raw food, whether you buy the premade version in bulk or are more into making your raw pet food, the following tips will come in handy:

  1. Make sure the pet food is always frozen until when you want to use it

Store the raw meat and raw poultry away from the other foods

Always wash cutting and preparation surfaces when cutting, chopping, or generally prepping the raw food. The last thing you need is to contaminate the food, which could cause food poisoning. Make sure to wash your hands before handling the food, and also be sure to wash the feeders with hot soapy water before serving.

In case of leftovers, make sure to refrigerate immediately. This would minimize the chances of spoilage, especially if they were previously frozen.

For convenience, you can always order pet food whenever you need it. However, buy amounts you may need for a few days to avoid stocking too much that you won’t be able to handle.

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