How to Buy Bitcoin with WorldRemit?

Advanced technology has made it easier for us to send money abroad while staying within our homes’ comfort. Such is an online service called WorldRemit that enables remittance from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The service is packed with useful features catering to human needs. The first and foremost beneficial feature is that you won’t need to visit a high-street agent for money transfer services. These agents and their services tend to charge higher than WorldRemit.

Another useful feature WorldRemit offers is the purchasing of bitcoins within a few steps. This informational guide will take you through the steps required to purchase BTC from WorldRemit. But before that, let’s discuss some useful features of WorldRemit, and why is it so popular?

Top WorldRemit Features

Live Exchange Rates on Your Device

WorldRemit provides live exchange rates with their Android/iOS app available for free for your daily exchange-rate needs. You can check the live rates of a specific currency daily. The app will send you a notification to tell you about the rate, making it easier for you to transfer money.

Track All Your Transfers

WorldRemit makes it easier for you to track your transfers. It’s frustrating and time-consuming to track your transfers and see if it has reached the desired location and in the hands of the correct recipient or not. WorldRemit lets you know the status of your transfer and know where it reached at all times.

What’s with WhatsApp

WorldRemit informs the status of your transfers with WhatsApp, email, and SMS messages. WorldRemit has become the first service provider to offer this feature.

Safe and Secure Transfers

WorldRemit is FCA approved with a massive local partners’ network. They work with some of the most popular banks and financial institutions to make transfers safe and secure.

How to Buy Bitcoin with WorldRemit?

  1. Get Registered to a P2P Crypto Exchange

Search for online platforms that offer free account signup so you can gain access to multiple bitcoin traders. Fill in all your credentials to get registered to any platform.

  1. Create a WorldRemit Account

After your registration with the BTC trading platform, create your WorldRemit account if you don’t have one. You’ll need to verify your email, account, and your identity to access your WorldRemit wallet. You can use a card, bank account, Apple Pay, and other ways to pay for your transfers.

  1. Search Through the Bitcoin Sellers Profile

Whichever trading platform you registered with, you’ll have a list of different bitcoin sellers when you click the “buy bitcoin” option. Depending on how the platform operates and your selected currency, it could show you the total amount of bitcoin you would need to buy a bitcoin.

You will also have to pick your location before purchasing the bitcoin. Put in your desired amount of bitcoins and click search. The platform will narrow down sellers with information about their trade and trading terms. Then go on to the transfer payment option where you will have to select WorldRemit as your payment option.

  1. Pay for Your BTC Trade

Put in your requirement of bitcoin purchasing in the seller’s account you chose to buy from. You will contact the chosen seller to initiate the trade. You will have to pay for the trade within a few minutes, or the open trade will expire (this also depends on the platform you are registered to).

Then you will have to click on the already paid button (if there is any) to verify that you have successfully made the transaction. As soon as the seller verifies they got their payment, the platform will release the bitcoins you purchased, and it’ll be shown in your e-wallet.

Why is WorldRemit so Popular?

WorldRemit has a motto of enabling fast, secure, and easy money transfers to various countries in the world. WorldRemit offers its services to over 140 countries with minimum charges, less time, and the best rates possible.

They continuously get 5-star reviews with over 4-million customers under the belt. With the customer service they provide and pay heed to the customers’ feedback, they stay the top choice for international money transfer service providers.

So, why not purchase your BTC with their secure transaction policies and start trading?

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