How social media changed the modeling industry

Currently in the last few years with such a huge growth in the userbase of these social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram. They have provided a completely new way to the world of modeling. Social media platforms have benefitted both models and advertising companies.  With social media platforms, a lot of stars have cam into the limelight. Companies who wanted to hire these models can do that directly from there without any role of any Agency in between.

Social media have also provided the opportunity to grow and show their potential to the entire world.  Social media modeling is a lot different for traditional modeling and as there are no controllers, no specific platform, there are no set of rules. No one is bound to perform or present herself in a particular way just like Mati Marroni does.

It is also very common that a lot of people do not consider Social media Models as professional models, certainly some of the new upcoming generations of them are not as trained as the already industrial professional models.

For this entire social media modeling scenario, you just need a phone or laptop, an internet connection, and a photographer. The person clicking the photos or the photographer also plays a major role in the success of any model. Because the photographer is the only one who can do the magic with lights, backgrounds, and the other small stuff.

Like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter all are open platforms and they directly connect you with your audience. Thus it is very important to manage your all social media handles very carefully.  These social media platforms create an image of you in the market as well as in the industry. You can create an image of yours in the market through these social media platforms as you wanted. That is why it is always suggested that you must be very wise while using such platforms. You should avoid posting any inappropriate photos that can trouble you over a long period.

It is also true that these social media Models do not get paid as much as the agency models. However, it is always up to one’s own potential to grow. if a model works consistently, learns a few things then definitely things can change a lot.

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