How Can You Save Money From Serviced Residence In Singapore


A service apartment in Singapore has a more affordable price than hotels, but did you know there are hacks and tricks you can do to save more money?

Perhaps a quarter of our travel expenses go to accommodation, and travellers are finding ways to reduce their expenses more. Thankfully, serviced apartments exist. Unlike a hotel, a serviced apartment is just like a regular apartment for rent in Singapore except for housekeeping. Besides having a spacious living room, they have a fully functioning kitchen and laundry area. The best part? They are cheaper than hotels.

Here are some tips on how you can further reduce your expenses with an 

Orchard serviced apartment:

1. Cook your food!

As mentioned, serviced apartments come with a fully functioning kitchen. They are complete with kitchen supplies, such as pans, plates, and utensils. You can also use appliances such as the stove, refrigerator, oven, and more. All you need to do is to buy your ingredients and prepare them.

Buying meat, fish, and vegetables in the local market and preparing them yourself is cheaper than eating in restaurants. Besides the much lower costs, you can pick the food you want based on your diet restrictions. For example, instead of looking for restaurants serving vegan food, you can prepare the food you like instead and ensure it is pure vegan.

2. Wash your clothes

It seems like you rent a typical apartment in Singapore with serviced apartments because they have a laundry area. In hotels, you have to pay an extra fee for getting your laundry done or if your clothes need ironing.

Serviced apartments have a washing machine, dryer, drying rack, and clothing steamers free of use. All you need to do is buy your detergent soap and fabric conditioner and wash your clothes. It does not matter how many clothes you need to clean because you will not be charged. It is already covered by the initial price you paid for the serviced apartments.

3. Entertainment


If you are travelling in Singapore, you might as well explore the place outside. But what if it rains or you are sick? You need to stay indoors. Typically, hotels charge clients who access films or cable channels on TV.

In an Orchard serviced apartment, you can get it for free. You can stream films you like all day. In addition to movie streaming, serviced apartments also have Wi-Fi connections and gaming consoles with games. You can play PlayStation or Nintendo Wii, depending on what your apartment has, for free. Some even store board games, cards, pool tables, and karaoke. You can enjoy these activities indoors!

4. Travel in group

The old trick in the bag if you want to reduce your accommodation expenses is to travel in a group. That way, you can split the service apartment in Singapore price into smaller amounts. You don’t have to worry about having too many people over. You can find two or three-bedroom serviced apartments.

Apply these tips, and you can further reduce your accommodation expenses with serviced apartments.

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