Furniture 101: How Should You Arrange Home Furniture?

Whether you purchased or recently moved into a rental home, you should consider adding some personal touch. After all, a home can only become a place like no other by including your preference. The best and most cost-effective way to do this is to take note of the home furniture placement in Singapore

How you arrange the home furniture can make or break your home. Below are some tips that might help you with furniture arrangement. 

5 Furniture Placement Tips For Beginners

1. Function Over Form

When arranging your home furniture, you have to consider your primary activity. For example, if your family loves to watch Netflix or Disney Plus on TV, a sofa bed facing another sofa bed in Singapore is not an ideal placement. People sitting on the couches have to diagonally move their bodies where the TV is to get a better view of the show. 

The proper arrangement in this scenario is to arrange the two sofas in L form.  They can still watch and have a conversation at the same time without restraining their necks. 

2. Always Allow For Flow

An empty home is like a blank canvas. You can do whatever you want since nothing is there to suppress your ideas. If the place you recently moved in has existing furniture, consider getting the blueprint and using that to create a mockup furniture arrangement. 

Doing so should help save you time because you do not have to carry the coffee table in Singapore from various parts of your living room. With a mockup, you can determine which spot is the best to place it. 

3. Add Lighting Elements

Besides the natural light from the windows, adding lighting elements like lamps can make any room well-lit. You can also consider this tip if you want to highlight something in a room. For example, you can add a wall light or wall scone to emphasise a painting and other decorative art. 

4. Never Be Afraid To Float Your Furniture

Even though it seems like common sense to place home furniture like a bed frame with storage in Singapore against the wall,  you can set it anywhere, even in the middle of the room. However, this trick is not ideal for a small living environment like condos. Setting the bed frame with storage this way would only take up so much space. 

5. Loosen Up

If you dislike rules, you will appreciate this furniture placement tip. Loosening up means arranging your furniture however you want. Because you and your family will be spending the majority of your time in your living space, the placement of your home furniture should be something you are comfortable with and be yourself.

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