From Ashes To Diamonds: An Experience Of Dealing With The Loss Of My Lovely Furbaby

Death is and will always be one of my greatest fears in life. It is not because of how I want to be immortal or live beyond the typical age of a human being, but the sorrow that comes with losing someone I value. With that, the departure of my cute and lovely fur baby was one of the most challenging chapters in my life. Imagine being with them for years, but they disappeared in a snap of a finger. With this, I will share my experiences with a company that introduced me to the beautiful craft of going from ashes to diamonds


I love my dog because she has been with me since day one. While I did not witness her birth to this world or had her here since she was a puppy, I adopted her and cared as if she were my child. Her death was not surprising because of her old age. However, it still shocked me because it happened so suddenly, but I am calm knowing she died peacefully. Also, I did not consider turning her ashes into jewellery because that seemed disrespectful. 


I was able to recuperate and deal with matters relating to her death. I asked my trusted veterinarian for proper embalming and burial for my dog. Aside from that, securing the necessary papers was my task because I needed to procure some items. It was also my first time hearing about pet cremation and jewelry services in Singapore but did not push through because I deemed it disrespectful or peculiar for my dog. 


Convincing me was probably the most difficult thing for the professional who opened up about the topic. Of course, I did not act hostile or unruly towards them, but I asked some questions because of my unfamiliarity. Besides, turning your dog’s ashes into keepsake jewelry is not something everyone will do. 


After rounds of questioning and discussing things with the professional, I told them I wanted to think about everything, so I asked a dear friend for their thoughts and opinions. Their input surprised me and gave me a lightbulb moment. First, she mentioned that turning ashes into diamonds is becoming more popular for people who lost their lovely pets. Of course, going with trendy things has not been my thing ever since. It did give me peace of mind because maybe the professional was right about this craft being respectful to the deceased. 


After talking to my friends and family about this, I have finally decided to push through with the pet cremation and jewelry! First, I wanted to carry the memories of my lovely dog with me, so I chose something I could wear anytime. Sure, placing an urn in the living room beside their picture is the typical thing for most people, but having keepsake jewelry and a special engraved box is also a great idea! 

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