Electric Gates: 5 Telltale Signs Your Auto Gate Needs A Repair in Singapore

Putting in an automated gate is a great way to make your property more secure. In addition, you will have an easy way to monitor who comes and goes from the building, whether residents or employees. Automatic gates are convenient but have occasional malfunctions despite being easy to maintain. Wear and tear over time is a common cause of this, so here are telltale signs to look out for that indicate an immediate auto gate repair in Singapore.

1. Gate Is Not Closing

The gate might not shut if a mechanical issue prevents it from doing so. It could indicate that the chain on your auto gate system in Singapore is broken or has stopped working. The sliding gate may only go halfway across because something is in its way or the track is blocked. This kind of problem is caused by faulty wiring. The circuit board in your gate opener could be malfunctioning. The problem may be due to the sensors not being aligned. When the sensors detect an obstruction, the gate will not close. When out of whack, they will incorrectly perceive hindrances where none exist.

2. Visible Damage

Normal wear and tear on your electric gate are inevitable, but there are a few things to expect. In the same way that a rusty hinge prevents a swing gate from functioning well, a damaged track can cause jerking or a jammed gate. If your auto gate system in Singapore suffers from any damage that hinders its operation, you should have it fixed as soon as possible by a trained technician.

3. Issues With Gate Sensors

Your sliding gate in Singapore will have sensor problems that are identifiable in some ways. A malfunctioning antenna or sensor is likely to blame if the system works only when your car reaches a specific distance. Radio interference may also be an issue. A trained professional technician will be able to inspect and provide a workable solution to this issue, which may not be immediately apparent.

4. Signs of Stiffness/Slowness

Sometimes this is hard to spot because it usually occurs gradually over time. However, if you notice a decrease in the speed at which your gate moves, this could indicate a problem.

Sometimes the mechanism will make a squeaking sound, which is an obvious sign of unwanted friction. The current movement speed decreases due to this stiffness, and the motor’s lifespan and reliability will also suffer. If the stiffness is on the tracking, it could be dangerous because the gates could lose stability and, though highly improbable, run off the tracks if ignored. As a result, maintenance and electric sliding gate repair in Singapore will not be enough, and a replacement will be necessary.

5. Incidents and Accidents Happened

Again, even if your gates appear normal after a collision or other damage, you cannot be sure of the state of the internal components. A professional should inspect the system at least to ensure it is functioning as it should, and they may find a problem that needs an automatic gate repair service in Singapore.

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