Do You Know A Few Facts About Oil Painting?

Have you heard the name of a renowned artist called Lana Zueva? Lana is an artist for acrylic paint. She is a New Zealander who was born in Russia. Presently, she is living in Australia. You will be surprised to know that she became a full-time artist of oil painting at the age of 50. Isn’t it a surprise?

Do you know how Lana Zuevabecomean artist?

Lana was greatly influenced by a few boundary-pushing Russian artists such as:

  • Aleksander Rodchenko
  • El Lissitzky
  • Kazimir Malevich
  • Wassily Kandinsky

All these popular artists left a great impression on Lana and soon she realized, she must develop a certain art style of her own to portray all her visions.

Do you know enough about oil painting? In this post, we will try to put some of the facts about oil paintings, perhaps you have never heard that before. You can also taste your knowledge about art if you have any interest in it.

  • When did oil painting start in the world?

Oil paints were introduced for the first time between the fifth and ninth centuries for decorating shields and many other objects in Afghanistan.

In Europe, oil paints use did not appear until the fifteenth century. Before this, most of the artists used egg tempera. Finally, it was after 1841, within a metal tube, oil paints were made available, and were ready to use.

  • Who was the inventor of the paint tube?

The American painter called John Goffe Rand is the person who invented in the year 1841, the paint tube, and before that paints were stored within animal bladders. He was living in London during those days.

  • How did Leonardo da Vincimake his famous paintings?

Da Vinci was famous for several things as he was an engineer, innovator, scientist, sculptor, writer, and also astronomer.

Leonardo da Vinci had cooked oil paint by using beeswax, for improving the oil paint process.

Da Vinci was the artist, who made the famous oil painting of the Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa painting is the most well-known painting in art history, owing to both its strange iconography and also its unique history.

  • Which are the earliest known oil paintings?

The earliest known paintings were the Buddhist murals that were found in the Bamiyan caves of Afghanistan. Scientists discovered the murals in various networks of caves where all the monks lived and also prayed in the Afghanistan region of Bamiyan.

  • When did canvas painting start?

Early in the sixteenth century, many artists started their painting on canvas rather than on wood. Canvas offered the advantage as it could hold the pigments much better and resisted any cracking. This was a very common problem with woods.

Nowadays you can easily buy the original artworks of any renowned artist like Lana Zueva online. You can find artist’s paintings for sale on their websites.

It is far more convenient and inexpensive to buy these original paintings directly from an artist rather than buying from an art gallery. You can visit the website of Lana Zueva and select any of her paintings of your choice.

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