Different Types Of Products that are Covered Under RoHS

The RoHS Directive or the Restriction of Hazardous Substances is a special type of guideline that is applicable essentially to all the electronic products which are sold in the European Union. This directive is pretty complicated for many of us, and hence one might hold a lot of confusion about it. 

In this article, we will be trying to list all the products that are covered under the scope of this specific directive. Products will include anything ranging from electronic toys to speakers to even earphones.

What is RoHS?

The directive of RoHS primarily restricts the use of heavy metals like cadmium and lead in all the electronic products that are manufactured and sold in the European Union. If RoHS compliance is to be ensured, then not only the products but all the components like the PCBs and the solders need to be RoHS compliant too.

Electronic toys

Electronic toys are under the direct scope of the RoHS directive. They need to be completely compliant before getting placed in the EU market for sale. Not only this, but RoHS is also applicable to chargers, cables, and any other electronic spare parts that come with these toys. RoHS-restricted products like cadmium, lead, or mercury can be found in the parts like circuit boards, components, wiring, or displays.


RoHS covers mostly all the speaker categories, and that includes car speakers, wireless and Bluetooth ones, and computer speakers too. Each of the components present here must comply with the limitations of the RoHS. PBB is a restricted RoHS material, and it is commonly used in speaker primers for coating. Hence, according to the directive, the speakers can contain PBB to a certain level but cannot exceed it.


The RoHS directive also covers earphones. The Bluetooth earphones to the bone conduction earphones; all are included in this list. This directive is applied here to ensure that less dangerous products are used in the manufacturing and that the users and the environment is kept safe.

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

The PCBs have a very vast range of applications like monitors, scanning equipment, navigation equipment, and medical instruments. They are widely built with lead and cadmium as surface finishes. The directive ensures that they are compliant with RoHS and safe to use.

If you have doubts about your products and their compliance, go for the Enviropass ROHS compliance testing and be sure about their safety.

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