Different Types of Denim Shorts You Can Wear During Summer

Summer is the perfect weather to wear shorts clothes and catch a tan. It is during this time of the year when women finally ditch coats and sweaters with shorts and skirts.

Out of all types of clothes, denim shorts are the best options. You will find different types and styles of jean shorts in the market.

If you don’t want to wear the same shorts every year, you can purchase different types of jean shorts. This way, you can wear shorts for the entire summer,

The best thing about jean shorts is that you can wear them at home as well as for outings. It is one of the most dynamic outfit options. You can wear it for parties, for a date, for outings, shopping and many other things.

Types of Denim Shorts:

Here are the different types of jean shorts you can wear during summer. You don’t have to stick with the same blue denim jean shorts when you can look good in all these options.

  • Classic Blue Denim:

This is one of the most common types of jean shorts. It comes it is perfect washed blue denim colour. If you are looking for regular jean shorts which go well with all types of shirts and tops, this is the perfect option. You can either fold the hem or unfold it. You will get multiple pockets in these shorts. It is available in different sizes.

  • Mom Jean Shorts:

As the name goes, these shorts are made of mom jeans. It is high-waisted and comes in a different colour. You can wear it if you want to look tall. However, if you really want to rock this short, you need to tuck in the shirt or wear a crop top on it. It will show off the belt loops and make the shorts stand out.

  • Dark-Wash Shorts:

You can also wear this type of jean shorts for summer. If you are tired of wearing classic blue colour, it is a perfect choice. This type of short comes in faded black colour. There are free threads hanging from the hem, which gives a perfect summer look. You can wear a plain white t-shirt on it.

  • Knee Shorts:

As the name goes, these shorts are slightly big. It reaches just above your knees. If you don’t want to show your thighs, you can wear this type of shorts. It looks goods, and you can wear it for different occasions.

  • Denim Overall Shorts:

This is another option you can try. Instead of simply wearing shorts, you can try overall shorts. It goes really well with crop tops. It makes you look cute and is a perfect summer outfit.

  • Embroidered Shorts:

It is another type of jean shorts you can try. It is different from most of the shorts. It is embroidered with a cute floral design. This feature makes it stand out. You can pair these shorts with bright and pastel colour tops. It is perfect for school, dates, outings, and many other occasions.

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