Criteria to consider when selecting an online survey service

The financial capabilities of different businesses vary. If spending a lot of money on marketing agencies isn’t a problem for some, others should only use professionals when it’s impossible to do the job on their own, like when they need to create a survey and do a thorough market analysis.

How to make the right choice?

You can use services that make it simple and quick to conduct a survey online for less global market research. The procedure is easy to understand: A questionnaire is made, given to people from the target audience, and the results are looked at. A marketing research organizer must answer two questions: how do the various services differ from one another, and which one is best suited to a specific business?

Evaluation of services that know how to create a survey can be based on the following criteria:

  • Version available for trial
  • The structure of the free version
  • The opportunities and costs associated with the basic tariff
  • Mobile device adaptation
  • Possibilities for disseminating the survey
  • Design and interface settings
  • Locating a server
  • Availability of service for support

Rate of completion

The proportion of respondents who completed the survey and answered all of the questions from those who passed the qualifying portion is the indicator.

The occupancy rate is also influenced by a number of other factors, such as the fact that fewer people respond to questionnaires that are longer than 15-20 minutes. If the survey has a lot of similar or tabular questions, respondents may also lose interest and not finish it. The more questions a person has to answer, the more quickly he or she becomes dissatisfied with the process and either withdraw from the survey or begins to provide the same type of incorrect responses.

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