Crafting your ideal sleep sanctuary- Black friday mattress edition

The holidays are almost here, bringing with them exciting Black Friday sales. For many shoppers, Black Friday mattress deals provide the perfect opportunity to invest in a quality mattress without breaking the bank. With so many options to choose from, creating your ideal sleep sanctuary may seem daunting. However, doing a bit of planning and research can set you up for sweet dreams throughout the coming year. 

Choosing the right mattress

The foundation of every good sleep sanctuary starts with the right mattress. With the wide variety of mattress types, technologies, and black friday mattress deals available, the options can quickly become overwhelming. Here’s a breakdown of factors to consider as you seek your dream mattress:

Sleep style and preferences 

How you sleep and what feels comfortable plays a major role in choosing a mattress. For example, side sleepers need pressure relief around their shoulders and hips while back and stomach sleepers need more overall support. Your ideal mattress also depends on whether you prefer the contouring feel of memory foam or the buoyant support of innerspring. Before hitting the Black Friday sales, think about your sleep style.

Temperature regulation

Temperature plays a critical role in sleep quality. Many new mattresses now contain cooling gels, perforated foams, copper infusions, and other innovations to help regulate surface temperature so you can sleep cool and comfortable all night long. If you tend to sleep hot, prioritize a mattress with proven temperature-regulating technologies.

Trial periods and warranties

Solid trial periods and warranties offer great peace of mind on any mattress purchase. Competitive Black Friday mattress sales often come with perks like 100-night trials to ensure the mattress suits your preferences. Extended 10 or even 20-year warranties also protect against manufacturer defects. Be sure to check policies to make use of sleep trials and guarantee coverage if any issues pop up down the road.

Optional add-ons 

Today’s mattresses provide optional upgrades like adjustable bases for customized comfort or cooling mattress toppers for additional temperature regulation. If your budget allows, consider extras that tailor your bed’s feel and functions directly to your sleep needs. Many Black Friday sales promotional bundles include value-adding extras at discounted prices. 

Prepping your sleep sanctuary

After selecting a dream mattress, get your bedroom ready to fully transform into a sleep sanctuary. These tips help craft a relaxing environment optimized for deep, restorative rest:

Minimize light and noise

Both disruptive sounds and excess light can hamper sleep quality and duration. Blackout curtains, eye shades, ear plugs, and white noise machines all work wonders for blocking stimulating lights and sounds. Bonus tip – flip your phone face down so pulsing notification lights don’t interfere with slumber.  

Regulate temperature 

As mentioned, cool and breathable sleep spaces promote better rest. Adjust your thermostat down to around 65-67°F at bedtime. Layer bedding that can easily adapt if you get hot or cold during the night. If temperature regulation is still a struggle, portable air conditioners or cooling fans create a crisp, calming climate.

Decorate for serenity 

Surround yourself with cosy, soothing decor and bedding. Incorporate textures like soft blankets or cashmere throws that feel comforting to touch. Use neutral, earthy color schemes and natural elements like plants or woven accents to craft a Zen retreat.   You want to avoid stimulating activity like intense exercise, screen time, or heavy meals too close to bedtime. Sticking to proven sleep-enhancing rituals signals rest time while reducing stress.

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